Fiona Quinn - Collection 2

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Fiona Quinn - Collection 2

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Fiona Quinn - Collection 2

Romance - ePub 2.3 MB


Cerberus Tactical K9 Series (#1-4)

From Book 1: Military training won’t help when the enemy is a force of nature…

All Major Dani Addams wanted when she started up that trail was to mourn and honor her fallen friend. She has no way of knowing the weather is about to turn on her in the worst possible way—or that she's about to meet a man who will change her entire life.

Ex-SEAL Trip Williams and his K9 Valor were brought in to rescue a film crew that got caught in the storm. He isn’t expecting Dani. But once he finds her, he will keep her safe…even if he has to disobey direct orders and fight Mother Nature herself.

All Dani and Trip have to do to get to happily ever after is weather the storm. Should be simple, right? If only…

1. Survival Instinct (2020)
2. Protective Instinct (2020)
3. Defender's Instinct (2020)
4. Warrior's Instinct (2022)


Kate Hamilton Series (#1-3)

From Book 1: A sleepy town in southwest Virginia wakes up to a nightmare of untimely deaths.From the USA Today bestselling Kate Hamilton series - Mine, Two-Hour Mystery, Thriller & Suspense Short ReadsNot safe at home in Boston, science teacher Kate Hamilton seeks refuge in the small Virginia town where she was born and raised.

Scarborough is no longer the bucolic village that she remembered. Pleasantries are only skin deep as big-city issues and the politics of the world roil just under the surface.A string of untimely deaths has the whole town grieving. Only Kate thinks something nefarious is afoot.Can Kate convince the local police that coincidences like these are only found in fiction?Kate is determined to solve the puzzle and save lives, especially her own.

1. Mine (2014)
2. Yours (2019)
3. Ours (2020)
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