Georgia Fox - The Conquerors series (#1-6)

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Georgia Fox - The Conquerors series (#1-6)

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The Conquerors series by Georgia Fox (#1-6)

Romance - ePub 1.1 MB

From Book 1: A Saxon Thane’s daughter, born with mystical healing strength, must choose between two lusty Norman knights, half-brothers, each intent on claiming her for their own. One man has claimed her dowry; the other has claimed her virginity. One man is dying of a battle wound and the other has scars that can’t be seen by the naked eye. Both brothers need her healing touch. Both brothers need her.

And she needs them.

Jisella always knew that one day her Ever Knight would arrive—the soul she’s loved since time began. Yet he’s taken a long time to find her in this life and now she’s not sure which of these handsome Knights is the one for whom she’s waited.

The brothers are all too happy to compete for their lady’s favors. Perhaps there is only one fair decision. Perhaps she can have both, if they might be persuaded to share.

1. The Ever Knight

2. The Virgin Proxy

3. The Craftsman

4. The Good Sinner's Naughty Nun

5. The Wagered Wench

6. The Barbarian
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