Alex Rath - The Terran Space Project Series (#1-3)

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Alex Rath - The Terran Space Project Series (#1-3)

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The Terran Space Project Series by Alex Rath (#1-3)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - ePub/azw3 2.6 MB

1. Seeds of Terra - The race to colonize is on!
With industrial expansion on Earth bringing the planet’s habitability into question, there’s only one place to look. Up. And, with both the Moon and Mars colonized, the next best option is outside the Solar System. Captain Maxwell Reeves, a former test pilot for the United States Space Force, and his wife, Annica, moved to Switzerland to assist in that effort. They both joined the Terran Space Project, a group with no allegiance to any country or government, with one purpose—to send people to space.
The Wormhole Traversal Project was formed within the TSP four years ago when exploration vessels detected a wormhole at the edge of the solar system, and a probe launched to test the wormhole showed back up in the Alpha Centauri system.
Four hundred people signed on to be part of the mission to Alpha Centauri, and Traveler, Earth’s first extra-solar colony vessel, was constructed. Now, Captain Reeves is ready to take the ship and its crew and colonists through the wormhole to find a new home, but some questions remain. Will they actually end up at Alpha Centauri? What will they find there? And—worst of all—when the traitor emerges, will Captain Reeves be ready for the most difficult mission of his life?

2. Terran Foundations - On Mythos, the brave members of the Terran Space Project’s Wormhole Traversal Project have made great progress after only a month of living there. The city, Eos, is growing quickly, thanks to their 3-D printing technology and the will of the colonists. They’ve adjusted to the realization they’re not where they’re supposed to be, have overcome deadly plants and creatures, and are now working to make new lives for themselves.
Captain Maxwell Reeves still has challenges ahead of him, though. From finding a site to mine much-needed ore, to working with the indigenous griffons, to dealing with a crashed alien ship, Max has a lot on his plate. He’ll have to fight to stay alive and hope Annie, their AI, is on his side… although it is becoming increasingly obvious that isn’t necessarily the case.
On Earth, Max’s wife, Annica Reeves, faces the challenge of deciphering clues left behind by the now-deceased Director Gustav Malmkvist. Annica must now assemble a team and learn everything she can before the Board of Directors comes to the campus, potentially shutting everything down.
Both Max and Annica have a good handle on what they know they need to do, but as they explore further into what lies behind the Terran Space Project, are they prepared for the things they don’t know?

3. An Act of Aggression - Trying to make a new life among the stars…
Captain Maxwell Reeves of the Terran Space Project’s Wormhole Traversal Project has overcome deadly plants and aggressive griffins, and he has begun to hope that the settlement on Mythos can now begin to grow and thrive.
Until his artificial intelligence decides to take over the settlement and Mythos is contacted by an unknown alien civilization. With the aliens approaching the planet and no way of contacting Earth, Max knows vital information has been kept from him, but has no way to find out what that information is.
On Earth, the Terran Space Project’s director, Annica Reeves, also continues to unravel the mysteries left behind by former director Gustav Malmkvist. As Annica’s team grows, though, so does the risk. And when Gustav returns after being killed, Annica finds out that things are even more complicated than they already seemed.
Who’s coming to Mythos? What was Gustav’s motivation for his actions on Earth? And what does it all mean for the future of humanity? Max and Annica will have to find out the answers, and soon, or that future is very dark, indeed!
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