John Booth - Tom and Laura Series (#1-3)

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John Booth - Tom and Laura Series (#1-3)

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Tom and Laura Series by John Booth (#1-3)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - ePub 1 MB

1. The Spellbinder
Laura is a Class A Spellbinder, but nobody has told her yet. Class A's are very rare and each is the equivalent of a regiment or a fleet of ships. They win wars and her existence will shift the balance of power across the world. But a bullet in the head will end her life, just like anybody else. Now she is a target for every foreign assassin and spy in England. When she meets a Healer called Tom she knows her life has changed for ever.
In an alternate 1860, this is an age of adventure and daring heroes. The British Empire is growing, assisted by the power of Military Magic, built on Isaac Newton's Laws of Magic. When enemies strike at Tom and Laura, they find themselves enlisted and sent to an academy of spies. But danger is waiting for them around every corner.

2. Scotland Hard
At the end of The Spellbinder, Tom and Laura go missing in London. Book 2 starts a few hours earlier as the couple settle down on the rail journey back to London accompanied by the Prince of Wales. They think their troubles are over, but they have barely begun.
They are about to be kidnapped and sold into slavery. Cam, Daisy and Arnold are tasked with finding them, but soon everybody else will believe they are dead.
Worse, they are soon on their way to Scotland to help a madman destroy the British Empire.
A fast paced steampunk adventure of daring do.

3. Revenge of the Brotherhood
It is July 1861. Nearly a year has passed since Lord McBride was killed in an atomic blast in the Highlands of Scotland. (Told in Scotland Hard )
The treason he committed has been covered up for the good of the British Empire and those who saved the Empire have been punished for their actions. Tom and Laura have been split up and sent in different directions, Tom into the Army overseas while Laura is held under house arrest.
The rest of the team has scattered. Cam is in Austria being the spy she always wanted to be while Dougal McBride's has betrayed his friends and vanished. Daisy is with Laura trying to protect her from the Army. Arnold has become a servant for the newly retired Trelawney.
There is danger in the offing. The Brotherhood is planning a major operation, and this time Sir Ernest Trelawney appears to be out of the game.
With Red Indian raids, rebellions, magic warfare, electric tanks and flying machines, Tom & Laura are going to have their work cut out just to stay alive.
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