Mel Todd - Kaylid Chronicles + Novellas (#1-5)

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Mel Todd - Kaylid Chronicles + Novellas (#1-5)

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Kaylid Chronicles + Novellas by Mel Todd (#1-5)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - ePub 1.9 / 2.7 MB

From Book 1:
Shifters have to stick together if they want to survive.

Perc Alexander is one of the rare humans who can shift into an animal, in his case the form of an extinct cat. As a professional athlete who trained his body for years before the shifter revelation, he doesn’t think much about this new ability. Not until the NFL suspends him for being a shifter. Never one to give up easily, he works within the system to fight shifter discrimination in professional sports.

Perc knew arguing the suspension would make him a target. What he didn’t expect was being knocked out and abducted by an outfit running an illegal operation involving shifters. He finds out just how far his animal instincts will go to save himself and others from their brutal abductors. In the aftermath he questions if he could have done more, saved more if he fully embraced his cat sooner. Still reeling from survivor's guilt and guided by a newfound sense of purpose, Percival is determined to fight for his career and shifter rights, more so now that he understands how high the costs may be. He knows for certain he is more than a football player and cat shifter. It’s time the rest of the world learned that as well, no matter what it costs him.

Kaylid Chronicles is the primary story line. The Kaylid Novellas are supporting stories to enhance and give the world depth.

This is the suggested reading order:

Kaylid Chronicles Book 1 – No Choice
Kaylid Novellas 1 – New Games
Kaylid Chronicles Book 2 – Commander
Kaylid Novellas 2 – Home Alone
Kaylid Novellas 3 – Decisions
Kaylid Chronicles Book 3 – Incoming
Kaylid Novellas 4 – Trust
Kaylid Chronicles Book 4 – Allies
Kaylid Chronicles Book 5 – Family

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