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NEW Rule for donations

Posted: Wed Jun 01, 2022 2:21 am
by AddictedToReading
Hi everyone, hope you're doing great.

Donation tiers have been reset for everyone for the first time after 2019.

Donating now will get you VIP membership for 60 Days (2 Months).

We have already cut down our expenses and reduced the donation goal but still we hardly reach it.

As you know there are no Ads on the forum and just a single Popup Ad on the Blog (Which will be removed soon) but there are bills to pay every month for Hosting, RDP and Usenet.

This decision has been made to keep the eBook Network alive, however there is no minimum or maximum amount has been set for donation. Any amount is more than welcome.

There is no pressure if you don't wanna donate, you can use the site for free as always and request 2 eBooks without donating.

Thanks to those that do donate monthly, this site would not be able to survive without the continuous support of members like you

Thanks for reading, Enjoy your stay.

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