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Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2022 12:39 pm
by AddictedToReading
Your antivirus is there to protect you from all the nasty malicious threats the internet can throw at you, but occasionally it gives false positives. Sharing Sites are famous to get these false positive.

The File is not corrupt but there are ads and pop-ups on the page that might confuse you and you might click the wrong "Download" button.

Whenever you see a big and alluring "Download" button followed by an insignificant "Create download link" or "Direct download link", always go for the insignificant and ignore the bright and shiny "Download" buttons. :twisted: It's the devil trying to trick you. Pick the boring black download button.

Some ads look like download buttons but only download something you don't want. You can get rid of ads by having an adblockers installed.

If you are unable to download from the host, you will need to whitelist the host in your adblockers and/or anti-virus programs.

Head into the settings for your antivirus software. You will usually find the interface for this in the toolbar at the bottom right.

Once you have opened it up, make your way through the settings to find the ‘white list’. This could be called several different things, such as ‘Allowed list’ or ‘Exceptions’ or something of that nature.

Once you have found it, you can add

Please do install an ad blocker:

For Firefox: uBlock Origin Or AdBlock Plus Or AdGuard Plus

For Chrome: uBlock Origin Or AdGuard Plus

For Safari: uBlock Origin

Warning! Even with ad blockers installed, you may still need to click on the correct buttons 2 or 3 times and close the pop-ups and redirects before the download begins