John Carbone - The Seventh Screw

Crime, action-adventure, detective, noir, suspense, legal thriller
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John Carbone - The Seventh Screw

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| Thriller | .ePUB, .MOBI | 765kb |

Synopsis: Seven streetwise boys form a bond so strong that only death would separate them. Uncle Tony, a hard-hitting gangster with CIA and Black Ops training, introduces them into the big league of the international drug trade that eventually leaves Marco Bolzani running from his ex-business partners, Stockland and Simms, two rogue CIA agents that control the influx of cocaine onto the streets of the US. People are showing up dead and Marco doesn't know why... Until Uncle Tony reveals the deadly truth. Note: This title was originally published as The Last of the Good Guys.

About the Author: John Carbone is from an Italian, French Canadian family. He was raised in the United States and now lives in Europe where he continues writing his thriller series.
I'm located in Louisiana, USA.
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