Troy Osgood - Greenfire (Sky Realms Online #4)

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Troy Osgood - Greenfire (Sky Realms Online #4)

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Greenfire by Troy Osgood (Sky Realms Online #4)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy ePub 627 KB

Just as Hall is finally getting used to his new reality, the rules change again.
It's been weeks since Hall and his newly formed guild, the Breakridge Irregulars, returned to Skara Brae. The village continues to grow but faces new challenges every day. Gaining a level opens fresh quests for Hall to take on, and leads the Breakridge Irregulars on a voyage for their first dungeon crawl in an updated Sky Realms Online.
Hall will encounter prisoners from unknown lands, demons, new foes and more in the tunnels of the abandoned Dwarven outpost of Greenfire Depths. Before the glitch that trapped Hall and his friends in the game, the Desmarik Republic was a rumored expansion. Hall will discover they are anything but rumors and have designs on all of Hankarth.
New questions, discoveries and a change to experience gains highlight just how much the game is still evolving.
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