What makes you stop reading a book?

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

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I rarely give up on a book that I started since whatever I've read would be an investment loss. Before I start a new book I research the storyline and check out a few reviewers on Goodreads so I seldom find myself in that position. It's no different than a movie, if I like the genre and the lead actor and I've read a review from a reviewer that I respect likely I'll never feel I've wasted my time or money on a picture. The 10 minutes I spend on the front end saves me wasting time and creates anticipation.

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

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If a story has extremely verbose descriptions, or verbosity in general (Looking at you LOTF!). I also lose interest in books that are written in exhaustingly old-fashioned styles. It's not like I DON'T like those things, but I've seen times when it just goes too far. I've also completely dropped books because of how much I despise a writer's way of portraying important characters (Like Harry Potter, who, even though had NO experience with, was immediately the best at Quiddich and Dada).

Oh, and unnecessary romantic subplots. I have many hateful relationships with books that drop the (innefective?) romance bomb in the last few pages.

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

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I am guilty of fighting tooth and nail to finish a book, even when the first 100 pages are clearly not worth that dedication. It doesn't happen often, though, because I know what I like and even when entering uncharted territory, I check carefully on Goodreads if the book in question will really appeal to me.
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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

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Long winded writing that doesn't go anywhere.

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

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AddictedToReading wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:35 am
Conradf2019 wrote:
Fri Mar 08, 2019 11:04 am
2 or 3 chapters is enough for me to decide to keep on reading or not.
There are already far too many books on my To-Read shelf, life’s too short to be reading mediocre books.

Currently reading the 800+ pages ‘The Forgetting Moon’
by Brian Lee Durfee? How is it.....?

a prophecy of lies.... Magic,.... betrayal ....Sounds like my kind of book
It was a very good read in my opinion, a bit like The Ember Blade by Chris Wooding in tone.
I’m just grateful when I find a fantasy novel that I really enjoy, these days everything just has to be Grimdark which I don’t really like.
Just on a side note ‘The Blackest Heart’ was just released a couple of weeks ago so that will keep me occupied, think it runs over 1000 pages.

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

Unread post by Johnboytest »

Sometimes ill stop if the protagonist is irritating me to the point of a headache :x

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

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justjill! wrote:
Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:13 pm
I give every book 50 pages. If I can’t get into it, I lay it down.
Same here. I used to read the whole thing before, but as I got older, I just cherish my free time too much. If in 50 or so pages I can't get interested in the story or the characters, that's it for me.

The book doesn't have to be amazing for me to read it, I read a wide array of genres. What makes me wanna stop is if I just can't connect, and that can happen for many reasons. Some writers just don't have the right skills, some are just plain boring to read despite ambition.

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Re: What makes you stop reading a book?

Unread post by jeffrey »

I used to never stop a book once I started it but more recently I’ve had a “there are too many other books I want to read” attitude. It’s only happened to me for 2 books so far (I don’t want to say which books because I don’t want to push my negative opinions on books/authors other people love). 1 was because the writing style was just too annoying to the point that reading it was almost work and I intended for the book to be a pleasure read. I’m not even sure exactly what was wrong with the other one but I realized I kept losing interest after having only read a few pages. It’s a real shame because both were genres I generally enjoy and was in the mood for at the time and they’re both considered great books/authors. I actually really enjoyed another book by the author of the first one.
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