Lisa Hall - The Hotel Hollywood Mysteries (#1-2)

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Lisa Hall - The Hotel Hollywood Mysteries (#1-2)

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The Hotel Hollywood Mysteries by Lisa Hall (#1-2)

Mystery/Historical - ePub 2 MB

1. The Mysterious Double Death of Honey Black: You know she has been murdered. Can you stop it happening twice?

Two very different lives…

It is 2019 and Lily Jones is living her dream in LA. Sort of. It hasn’t quite turned out as she planned and instead of working as a movie producer, she is cleaning at the prestigious Beverly Hills Hotel. At least she gets to work in the renowned Paul Williams suite, site of the brutal murder of Honey Black 70 years ago, shrouded in rumour and dark glamour.

It is 1949 and Honey Black is about to hit the big time. She may have started out a country girl from Hicksville but now she is a star. And Hollywood had better watch out – nothing can stop her now!

One Hollywood murder…

After an accidental bump to the head, Lily finds herself in Hollywood, 1949. Like a dream come true, she is rubbing shoulders with the great and good of Tinseltown. Including Honey Black... Horrified, Lily realises that the actress has only two weeks left to live before she will be murdered.

2. The Case of the Singer and the Showgirl: Murder and scandal in the heat of 1950s Las Vegas: can Lily Jones stop a murder that happened before she was born?

Lily Jones can’t forget her incredible time-slip adventure back to the Golden Age of Hollywood and the friends she made there - especially a handsome barman by the name of Louis, with whom she felt such a strong connection.

Back in 2020, life isn’t going so well for her and Lily is idly googling when she is horrified to discover that Evelyn, Louis’ ex-girlfriend, is brutally murdered in 1953.

She is compelled to go back to the 1950s and try to save Evelyn’s life, but this time it isn’t just the gilded stars of Tinseltown she will have to contend with, but The Mob as she finds herself in the seedy glamour of Vegas and learns that Evelyn’s future depends upon her first solving the murder of a Vegas showgirl.

Thankfully she has Louis and his sister, Tilda, to help her, but her own life is in danger as she tries to find the killer and change Evelyn’s fate.

What will she risk to save a life?