Sara Vallén Thriller Series by Cecilia Sahlström (#1-3)

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Sara Vallén Thriller Series by Cecilia Sahlström (#1-3)

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Sara Vallén Thriller Series by Cecilia Sahlström (#1-3)

Mystery/Thriller - ePub 1.4 MB

#1 - White Lilac
Swedish detective Sara Vallén investigates a string of violent attacks that strike a little too close to home in the first book of this thrilling Nordic noir series.
In the university town of Lund in the south of Sweden, summer is coming, and students are looking forward to the upcoming break. But tragedy casts its dark shadow when a young woman is found brutally beaten in Lund City Park. Not far from that crime scene, a young man is also assaulted. Both victims are discovered holding a white lilac in their hands.
Chief Inspector Sara Vallén is assigned to the case, only to be removed when the primary suspect turns out to be her own son. To clear his name, Vallén must defy orders and undertake her own investigation . . .
White Lilac is the acclaimed debut novel of author Cecilia Sahlström, who lends her experience as a Swedish police officer to this compelling new mystery series.

#2 - Vigilante
A brutal murder disrupts the idyllic beauty of a Swedish university town in this gritty Nordic noir by the acclaimed author of White Lilac.
Chief Inspector Sara Vallén knows the pristine autumn vistas of Lund belie a harsher reality. Just days ago, she had the devastating experience of testifying in court against the man who abused her. Still recovering from that ordeal, she is called to a garden community on the outskirts of town to investigate a brutal murder.
A man’s body has been discovered in one of the potting sheds of Västra Sommarstaden. The victim was a social worker whom friends and colleagues describe as a wonderful, kind, and generous human being. But Vallén’s intuition tells her something’s wrong. No person could possibly be so angelic. And if he was, why would someone murder him? As the police dig deeper into the deceased’s life and relationships, the secrets they unearth only get darker . . .
Vigilante is the second novel in the acclaimed Sara Vallén detective series from Swedish author and former police officer Cecilia Sahlström.

#3 - Without a Trace
Detectives reopen a disturbing cold case as a vicious hate crime rocks their southern Swedish town in this suspenseful Nordic noir by the author of White Lilac.
Twenty years ago, a toddler disappeared from a preschool in Lund. Despite an extensive investigation, the boy was never found. When Chief Inspector Sara Vallén receives a tip that could shed some light on the tragic incident, she and her colleague Torsten Venngren decide to reopen the case. But as they do so, Vallén’s two daughters face troubles of their own.
Klara and Bella have started a student organization to help unaccompanied refugee minors. But their efforts have made them targets for harassment by a group of Nazi sympathizers. The situation takes a shocking turn when a young refugee is found dead with a swastika carved into his forehead. Now, while searching for a boy who’s been missing for decades, Vallén must also hunt down a killer . . .
The third novel in Cecilia Sahlström’s Sara Vallén series, Without a Trace is a fast-paced crime thriller with its finger on the pulse of Sweden’s contemporary social climate.