J.A. Jance - Joanna Brady Series (#1-208)

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J.A. Jance - Joanna Brady Series (#1-208)

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Joanna Brady Series (#1-20) by J.A. Jance
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From Book 1: Life is good for Joanna Brady in the small desert community of Bisbee. She has Jenny, her adored nine-year-old daughter, and solid, honest, and loving husband, Andy, a local lawman who's running for Sheriff of Cochise County. But her good life explodes when a bullet destroys Andy Brady's future and leaves him dying beneath the blistering Arizona sun.

The police brass claim that Andy was dirty -- up to his neck in drugs and smuggling -- and that the shooting was a suicide attempt. Joanna knows a cover-up when she hears one...and murder when she sees it. But her determined efforts to track down an assassin and clear her husband's name are placing herself and her Jenny in serious jeopardy. Because, in the desert, the truth can be far more lethal than a rattler's bite.

1 Desert Heat (1993)
2 Tombstone Courage (1994)
3 Shoot, Don't Shoot (1995)
4 Dead to Rights (1996)
5 Skeleton Canyon (1997)
6 Rattlesnake Crossing (1998)
7 Outlaw Mountain (1999)
8 Devil's Claw (2000)
9 Paradise Lost (2001)
10 Partner In Crime (2002)
11 Exit Wounds (2003)
12 Dead Wrong (2006)
13 Damage Control (2008)
14 Fire and Ice (2009)
15 Judgment Call (2012)
15.5 No Honor Among Thieves (2015)
16 Remains of Innocence (2014)
16.5 The Old Blue Line (2014)
16.6 Random Acts (2016)
17 Downfall (2016)
18 Field of Bones (2018)
19 Missing and Endangered (2021)
20 Blessing of the Lost Girls (2023)



Added 20 Blessing of the Lost Girl



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Re: J.A. Jance - Joanna Brady Series (#1-208)

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Added 20 Blessing of the Lost Girl
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