David K. Wilson - Sam Lawson Mystery series (#1-5)

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David K. Wilson - Sam Lawson Mystery series (#1-5)

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Sam Lawson Mystery series by David K. Wilson (#1-5)

Mystery/Thriller - ePub 1.2 MB

From Book 1:

Detective Sam Lawson was perfectly happy doing just enough to get by. But when he’s sent to investigate an accidental death in a house fire, he unwittingly ignites a powder keg of secrets.

Everyone seems to have something to hide, and a reason to kill. Was it the vengeful arsonist? The widow with a sordid past? The son with a chip on his shoulder? Or is an ambitious warden trying to keep a prison scandal under wraps?

More at home in a seedy bar than a police station, Sam is his own worst enemy. But with lives on the line (and a new female medical examiner to impress), he must pull himself together to solve the case and redeem his reputation.

One thing’s for sure: the more Sam fans the flames, the more likely he is to get burned.

1. Combustible

2. Beneath the Surface

3. Dark Harbor

4. Deadly Reputation

5. Death On Location



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