How to Convert from One eBook Format to Another

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How to Convert from One eBook Format to Another

Post by sniksnak » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:14 pm

Need to convert epub, pdf, mobi, azw, etc. to another format? Years ago I found the following site. IMO, it's still the best online converter, plus you can convert multiple items of the same format at one time:

Online Converter

Then in 2008 I found Calibre e-Book Management. I love it, not only for converting, but organizing my large Library. With 32,000+ ebooks to date, it's a gem of a tool. The desktop version for Windows, macOS, or Linux operating systems is a free download:

Desktop Version

Since I have Calibre installed on both my PC and laptop only, I don't know anything about the mobile device Calibre except that it's not free - it's $3.99 in the Apple store.
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