How to Use the Mentions Feature

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How to Use the Mentions Feature

Post by sniksnak » Sun May 05, 2019 12:48 am

This feature, Mentions, was requested not only by me shortly after I became a member, but by several, several members for months who are familiar with phpBB forums that offer it. Poor Smasher kept promising to install it for six or so months when he was so busy; he finally got around to implementing it last August. Needless to say, many members were thrilled right along with me. 👏

I've noticed a good many folk who attempt to use it, but it's not doing anything. First of all, you can't use a person's name. Take for instance, me - Suse. I've seen @Suse. That's not my user name, that's my given, real life name - Ok, so it's a nickname for my given, real life name - and the system has no idea who that is. It only knows me by my user name, sniksnak, so to mention me, which means if I haven't messed with my personal default notifications in my profile (i.e., turning them OFF), I will get an email notification directing me to the post I'm mentioned in.

I see the user names that look like this, though - @sniksnak - that isn't correct and it does nothing - I didn't get the email notification. The only way I knew of it is because I read every thread on here. If the name doesn't turn red and bold, you've typed it incorrectly and the member didn't get an email notification.

What you have to do is this: Type the at sign, then the first 3 letters of the user name - @sni - and a little window pops up. Select from that window the name you are wanting (sniksnak) and click on it (then it will be highlighted in what I call the old Netscape blue color) and la da! you get @sniksnak in all it's Netscape red glory (use your Preview button to make sure the name turned red) ... and I get an email notification.

Happy Mentions-ing! 😃
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