ALL MEMBERS: How to Make an eBook Request - Step by Step

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ALL MEMBERS: How to Make an eBook Request - Step by Step

Post by sniksnak » Sat May 04, 2019 9:46 pm

This post is for those who can't understand the Board Rules or refuse to read them, period. You'd be surprised how many PMs I get each month telling me the rules are too confusing and/or too hard to understand, so I'll simplify those confusing and hard rules step by step.

The first thing is for every member, including the Hunters, is to search the board for the book you are wanting (not a forum search, but one for the entire board due to the fact that we have more than one forum with links to download). The same applies to the Hunters who are wanting to provide a link for the members to download. When searching, search by author for best results. If it's a very simple name, use the last name and the most prominent word in the title. Example: Dark Reunion by L. J. Smith. Search for reunion smith - the system ignores common words and initials.

Go to Goodreads, your one stop for all the rest you'll need. There you will put in the book title and author in their search field. When you locate the book, you make sure it comes in digital format, click on the Amazon link to double-check that it is available in digital and has been released, then you place it word for word in your subject line using the board's request format. Title by Author (Series Info, If Any) In the body of your post, give the link to the GR book so that Hunters can readily access all the info they will need in locating your physical book. And, please, use some courtesy - say a thank you for the Hunters who will be hunting down your free book before you hit submit. If you are curious as to why we use GR instead of Amazon, simply read the rules. The rules should answer the majority of any questions you may have (such as Re-Requests, editions of books, long titles, etc.).

The fact that as life is constantly changing, so do the rules. Check them every month or so to see if we've had to make revisions. Scroll all the way to the bottom and you will see in a small font any revision made with its respective date.

How confusing and hard was that?

(FYI: When responding to those PMs about not understanding the Board Rules, my response is a direct copy/paste from the rules. I don't say it's a copy/paste, but either the member responds with yet another question - resulting in my response of another copy/paste - or a thank you. It's as though I had to give them training wheels, holding onto them, pushing them along. I can't wrap my head around this aversion to reading the rules. Don't get me wrong - there are PMs with legitimate concerns. It never is a waste of time for me to answer a question from a member.)
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BEFORE requesting, read the Board Rules, then SEARCH.

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