When You Say "Main Page" in Your Requests

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When You Say "Main Page" in Your Requests

Post by sniksnak » Fri Sep 28, 2018 3:36 pm

The sites iBookPile and ebookBB are owned by Smasher, the owner of this message board - eBookoz. Those two book web sites are two different web sites from this board - in other words, three different web sites. When someone says the "main page," it means the front door, the index or the entry of a site. This board's "main page" is index.php.

On both iBookPile and ebookBB, you can request that the links to books featured there be refreshed if they are inactive. We have no control over the contents there, the other two sites have no control over this site. Three different web sites, three different databases. None are interchangeable.

We do honor requests to re-request from iBookPile and ebookBB because this board's link is, naturally, on both sites because all three are owned by the same person, but you need to tell us which site you found the dead links if you won't leave a message on the respective ones. We have no idea where you're seeing dead links if we do a search and don't find the requested book on this board. It's time lost that could be used locating requests that give us the proper information.
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