"Where Is My Book?"

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"Where Is My Book?"

Unread post by sniksnak »

I get PMs like the following too often to count. Many times I'm called obscene names in the PMs already filled with profanity as seen below.

I have removed the C and B words and the other profanity received from the former member via PM:
You XXXX, where is my book? I've been XXXXXXX waiting for days for a link. Why are you XXXXXXX ignoring my requests, you XXXXX? I XXXXXXX deserve consideration.
<sarcasm>Oh my. You are so special. This is certainly one way to make us post a link immediately and to keep you on our good side.</sarcasm>

No one is ignoring you. The Mods and I go through the threads during the 15 days they are on the board. Notice that 15 days we are searching for your book, which, btw, starts the day you post the request.

We are the only ebook request site that I know of that records every "unfound" title and member name so that if we come across the title before it's requested again, we upload it and mention you by member name so that you can have your book. These nasty PMs are becoming so common that effective immediately, we are stopping that practice. If you want an ebook after the 15 day expiration, you MUST request it again or else go out and buy it yourself.

The books we find for you are FREE, so why the angst and obscenities? Some people don't appreciate a thing done for them in life. Hands are out for anything free. There's no sense in berating and cussing out the Team for things beyond our control. Sometimes the very words you are using during your ranting and raving in your PM will cause you to be BANNED as the member above. Be mature, patient and courteous.

READ. THE. BOARD. RULES. Your answer as to why a link isn't posted in your requests is found there.
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