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All Members - Requests

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There have been a lot of errors in requests lately. Please use your preview button to double check your post before submitting.

Please take note

♦ If you have errors in your requests, you will now be asked to submit a correct request and the incorrect request will be closed. Please use your Preview button before submitting. Those posts will be counted toward your permitted 2 requests daily

♦ You are allowed 2 requests per 24 hour period. VIP 5 requests

♦ Posts must conform to the board's request format, but your title must MATCH GR Title by Author (Series Info) for example GR will list it as The Peenemunde Deceptions (Otto Fischer #1) by Jim McDermott but the Board'd format is The Peenemunde Deceptions by Jim McDermott (Otto Fischer #1). If no series is listed please do not add it

♦ Please search before you make your request

No Goodread link, no book. Subject lines must match GR. Make sure you provide us with the digital (eBook or Kindle) link, not paperback, audio, or hardcover. If the book is not listed on GR just leave a note Not on GR and give the Amazon link.

♦ Please don't add additional punctuation to your subject line and do use proper punctuation/capitalization. Copy/paste from GR.

♦ Place a space between the author's surname and the first parenthesis. When we copy/paste the info into search engines we will get no results.

♦ Please, use some courtesy - say a thank you in the body of your post for the Hunters

♦ Do not post titles that have not been released yet

♦ Do not place in parentheses the words translator, editor, etc. behind the author's name. Parentheses (or brackets) are strictly used for series and number.

♦ Long Titles: For example - The Pianist: The Extraordinary Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw, 1939–45. The actual title is The Pianist. The rest is a subtitle. Usually anything following a colon can be left off in the subject line.

♦ Do not type your requests in all caps regardless how Amazon or Goodreads has the title listed. Use all caps only for acronyms.

♦ A Re-Request is when a book has been previously requested and found, but the link is now inactive. Should your request have an incorrect link or dead link posted less than 30 days or poorly formatted book, PM the uploader so that he/she can correct the existing topic. Don't create a duplicate request by posting a new topic.

♦ When you are so kind to share a book please make sure the member doesn't have any errors on the request before leaving a link

Not all requests can or will be filled. Someone somewhere has to purchase the book and upload it to the net to share with others.

When asked to Edit - Don't reply to the post; simply edit the original subject line and move on - This is for logistic reasons, as the threads become too long and unwieldy and make the search difficult

If you are unclear about any of the rules or have questions, read the Board Rules

Happy Reading!
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