Gore Vidal - Thieves Fall Out

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Gore Vidal - Thieves Fall Out

Post by NGC300 » Thu Mar 19, 2020 6:16 am

Gore Vidal - Thieves Fall Out

| Crime Fiction | Hard-Boiled Mystery/Noir |
| epub | 1.4 mb |

Hired to smuggle an ancient artefact out of Egypt, Pete Wells finds himself the target of killers and femme fatales – and just one step away from triggering a revolution that will set Cairo aflame.

One part Casablanca and one part torn-from-the-headlines tabloid reportage, this novel also offers a startling glimpse of Egypt in turmoil—written over half a century ago, but as current as the news streaming from that region today.


“The fast-moving plot is enhanced by the superbly rendered Cairo settings, evoking the era of King Farouk. This curiosity is another clue that helps complete the complex puzzle of Gore Vidal’s personality and talent.” - Bay Area Reporter

“A hell of a lot of fun.” - LitReactor

“Pour yourself a piña colada and pretend you are baking in the Cairene sun.” – Flavorwire

“THIEVES FALL OUT is a gourmet tale with fast-food accessibility. It’s so tasty I want to go see what else Vidal has on the shelf.” – Noir Journal

“Thieves Fall Out is an engaging and intriguing novel that most authors would be happy to have in their catalog of works.” – Borg

“It’s the kind of curiosity that Hard Case Crime excels at producing: a peek into the formative years of a gifted and influential writer.” - October Country

"Dazzling...wicked entertainment of a very high order." — New York Times