Angela Kay - The O'Reilly Files Series (#1-3)

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Angela Kay - The O'Reilly Files Series (#1-3)

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The O'Reilly Files Series by Angela Kay (#1-3)

Mystery/Thriller - ePub 940KB

1. A Killer's Mark - A killer from his past threatens his future. Will a decade-long chase end in justice or disaster?
Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly is haunted by the one that got away. And even after another year of silence, he still can’t shake his failure to nail the sociopathic madman responsible for over fifty shocking murders. But his guilt becomes a shot at redemption when the murderer returns, naming the detective in a personal note pinned to a fresh kill.
With meticulously clean crime scenes and a nosy reporter on the loose, O’Reilly and his new partner scramble to uncover the next target’s location. But when the psychotic fiend strikes close to the embattled FBI man’s home, O’Reilly is up against a clock counting down to a very intimate death.
Can he catch the infamous butcher before the body count rises?

2. I Can Hunt - FBI Special Agent Aidan O'Reilly engages in a game of wits against a serial killer with a vendetta. How many lives will be lost before justice is served?
For Special Agent Aidan O'Reilly, learning his balance in a new, but familiar, setting is hard enough. Now he finds himself in the middle of another serial killer case with no seeming connections between victims. When he and his partner investigate a shooting, they discover eerie similarities with an earlier murder.
Determined to find a lead, O’Reilly sifts through clues, looking for the trail to the offender’s identity. But he’s horrified when he discovers the deranged shooter is playing mind games with his victims.
As the bodies pile up, a leak inside their office could derail their investigation. Can O’Reilly bring the sadistic killer to justice before more innocent lives are lost?

3. I Can Escape - A killer broadcasts his murders on every news station. Will they find him before more fall victim to the water torture chamber?
Special Agent Aidan O’Reilly can face the worst of criminals. But work and fear give him pause when it comes to marriage. Yet he summons the courage to break through the anxiety and pop the question. His flicker of euphoria is quickly snuffed when the dedicated FBI agent races against the timer set by a merciless killer.
With five lives terminated by the hooded madman, Agent O’Reilly leaves no stone unturned in his hunt for the killer. But the investigation soon leads him toward a path of someone more sinister and it’s a door he can’t keep open.
Will he put the pieces of the puzzle together and unmask the killer or go after someone else? ... cQtQFz0uSV
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