Urcelia Teixeira - Alex Hunt Adventure Series (Books 1-6)

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Urcelia Teixeira - Alex Hunt Adventure Series (Books 1-6)

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Alex Hunt adventure Series by Urcelia Teixeira, Books 1-6

Action/Thriller/Adventure, ePub, 3.0MB

Inspired by actual historical facts and places, the Alex Hunt archaeological adventure thriller series will take you on dangerous faraway adventures that will leave you thrilled, inspired and informed all at once.

The Rhapta Key, Book 1:
Alex hasn’t left the safe confines of her home in three years. Instead, she’s thrown herself into her career as an archaeological researcher with a prominent British university where her archaeologist father works.

But then her father disappears under sinister circumstances while working on a case. With his fate in her hands, forced out of hiding, she battles her worst fears and travels to the last place he was seen alive; Tanzania, Africa.

Tasked to go with her, the inexperienced Sam Quinn joins her on an action-packed adventure through the treacherous African Savannah where an abundance of danger, fear, and heartache confront them head on. As they come face to face with sabotage, crime, and betrayal that will test their inner strength and will to survive, the pair takes on an enemy they never saw coming.

The Gilded Treason, Book 2:
Some two thousand years ago, Buddha’s remains were gathered in several golden urns and shared amongst his followers across the world. But, when one urn goes missing from a mountain shrine in Phnom Penh, the Cambodian government enlist the aid of formidable artifact salvagers Alex Hunt and Sam Quinn to hunt it down and return it to its holy place in the temple shrine.

Finding the golden urn was supposed to be easy; nothing the skilled pair had not done before. But little did Alex and Sam know they would become the center of an international conspiracy, a conspiracy so entangled in a web of secrets and crime that it could cost them their lives.

Faced with danger and underground syndicates, they soon realized they couldn’t trust anyone. Nothing was as it seemed.

The Alpha Strain, Book 3:
Recruited by the United Nations, Alex and Sam set off on their most dangerous mission yet. Their task - find and retrieve the last remaining fossil evidence that may link humanity with mitochondrial Eve from a death-defying underground cave system in war-torn South Africa!

But the fearless team soon come face to face with the perils of a nation in conflict against each other. Caught in the crossfire of a country plunged into a historically charged political war, keeping their wits about them and allegiance to their mission are the only things keeping them from being killed.
But lurking in the shadows, a narcissistic billionaire with a sinister desire to feed his ego will stop at nothing to steal the fossil. Seeking more than mere power and acclaim his motives drive him to stop at nothing to get his hands on the relic before anyone else does.

Will Alex and Sam successfully complete their mission and escape South Africa unscathed, or will this be their first mission to leave more harm than good in its wake?

0.5. The Papua Incident
1. The Rhapta Key
2. The Gilded Treason
3. The Alpha Strain
4. The Dauphin Deception
5. The Bari Bones
6. The Caiaphas Code