C.J. Carver - Collection

Crime, action-adventure, detective, noir, suspense, legal thriller
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C.J. Carver - Collection

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C.J. Carver - Collection

Mystery/Thriller ePub 1.6MB

Over Your Shoulder - Loving someone doesn't mean trusting them...
You love them both, but can you trust them?
Twelve years ago, Nick’s brother, Rob, drowned. His body was never found. When Nick met Susie at his brother’s funeral, he thought it was destiny.
But when Rob suddenly re-appears, Nick is forced to examine everything he once knew. Why do the police want to talk to Rob? And what is he running away from?
Nick wants to find his brother but if he does, he risks losing the woman he loves. Because Susie has her own secrets, and as the truth emerges, Nick finds it is those closest to us we should fear the most…

The Snow Thief - When a little boy is found with his neck broken, Lhasa detective Shan Lia leaves her broken past behind and throws herself into the investigation. He is the fifth child to die the same way in as many weeks.
But Lia’s superiors don’t want her looking for a serial killer. They don’t want panic and hysteria rolling across the country. They threaten Lia, giving her no choice but to turn her back on bringing the killer to justice. Until another boy is murdered. Then another.
Risking her life, Lia pursues the killer. With spies in the monasteries of Tibet and shadowy figures trying to thwart her hunt for justice, Lia faces the edge of the abyss to reveal the Snow Thief – but at what terrifying price?

Scare Me To Death - Thirteen survived. Now someone wants them dead.
A homemade bomb exploded mid-air, killing 214 people on board.
Thirteen people survived.
Sixteen years later one of the survivors is found brutally bludgeoned to death. It looks like a crime of passion but DC Lucy Davies knows something is wrong. They were trying to find the bombers.
Lucy’s search for the killer brings her into conflict with her long-lost father – who has his own secrets. Dangerous secrets which Lucy must expose so she can confront a vicious murderer with only one thing on their mind.
Keep on killing to stop the truth from being revealed.