Katie Wyatt, Kat Carson - Mail Order Bride Love Series 24 Book Mega Box Set

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Katie Wyatt, Kat Carson - Mail Order Bride Love Series 24 Book Mega Box Set

Post by sniksnak » Tue Jan 21, 2020 2:34 pm


| Romance/Historical Fiction | .ePUB | 2.5 MB |

Valentine Bride Series
Book 1 - Mary
Book 2 - Della
Book 3 - Beatrice
Book 4 - Marian

Mail Order Bride Holiday Romance Series
Book 1 - Jasmine’s Grace
book 2 - Heather’s Healing
Book 3 - Juliet’s Courage
Book 4 - Charlotte’s Serenade

Brides of Blackthorn Manor Series
Book 1 - Blackthorn Manor
Book 2 - Broken Dreams
Book 3 - Desert Dilemma
Book 4 - The Denver Doctor

Pioneer Wilderness Romance Series
Book 1 - Rayne's Meadow
Book 2 - June's Choice
Book 3 - April’s Dilemma
Book 4 - Winter's Torment

Historical Tales Of Western Brides Series
Book 1 - Rocky Montana
Book 2 - Golden Colorado
Book 3 - Kansas Crossfire
Book 4 - Mary’s Frontier Freedom

Deadwood Dakota Series
Book 1 - Clara
Book 2 - Natalie
Book 3 - Rebecca
Book 4 - Edna Mae

About the Authors:
Katie Wyatt
is 25% American Sioux Indian. Born and raised in Arizona, she has traveled and camped extensively through California, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, and New Mexico. Looking at the incredible night sky and the giant Saguaro cacti, she has dreamed of what it would be like to live in the early pioneer times.
Kat Carson lives in New Mexico with her two dogs, a horse, and 20 chickens. She started writing when she was a teenager and has never stopped. She loves the rich culture of the old West. Some of her stories are inspired by tales from the local storytellers in New Mexico and what her grandparents used to tell her. Others are when she travels around in her RV camping, fishing, hiking, climbing and engaging with other interesting people along the way. She writes stories derived from actual historical facts and events and sometimes individuals with interesting characters in nature that will captivate you and leave you in awe with the twists and turns of every story. Packed with action, humor, challenge, and adventure her short stories will stretch the limits of your imagination, allowing you to marvel at the fascinating time in US history.

I'm a bibliophile, ailurophile, cynophilist, and taphophile from the Deep South, USA.

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