Various Authors - 100 Must-Read Guides Collection

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Various Authors - 100 Must-Read Guides Collection

Post by SickoSocko » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:25 pm


Various Authors - 100 Must-Read Guides Collection

| Reference | PDF | 8.3 mb |

List: (100 Must-Read)

Classic Novels
Crime Novels
Fantasy Novels
Historical Novels
Life-Changing Novels
Science Fiction Novels

Crime Novels:

Want to become a crime novel buff, or expand your reading in your favourite genre? This is a good place to start! From the publishers of the popular, Good Reading Guide comes a rich selection of the some of the finest crime novels ever published. With 100 of the best titles fully reviewed and a further 500 recommended, you'll quickly become an expert on the world of crime. The book also allows you to browse by theme, includes 'a reader's fast-guide to the world of crime fiction' as well listing the top 10 crime characters and their creators, award winners and book club recommendations.