Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear - Collection

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Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear - Collection

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Kathleen O'Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear - Collection

| Historical/Sci-fi/Western/Mystery | epub | 100.1 mb|


Anasazi Mysteries:

01-The Visitant
02-The Summoning God
03-Bone Walker

Black Falcon:

01-It Sleeps in Me
02-It Wakes in Me
03-It Dreams in Me

Contact: The Battle for America:

01-Coming of the Storm
02-Fire the Sky
03-A Searing Wind



Forbidden Borders:

01-Requiem for the Conqueror
02-Relic of Empire

Man From Boston:

01-The Morning River
02-Coyote Summer (not-included)

North America's Forgotten Past:

01-People of the Wolf
02-People of the Fire
03-People of the Earth
04-People of the River
05-People of the Sea
06-People of the Lakes
07-People of the Lightning
08-People of the Silence
09-People of the Mist
10-People of the Masks
11-People of the Owl
12-People of the Raven
13-People of the Moon
14-People of the Nightland
15-People of the Weeping Eye
16-People of the Thunder
17-People of the Longhouse
18-The Dawn Country
19-The Broken Land
20-People of the Black Sun
20.5-Copper Falcon
21-People of the Morning Star
21.5-The Dead Man's Doll
22-People of the Songtrail
23-Sun Born
24-Moon Hunt
25-Star Path (not-included)

Powers of Light:

01-An Abyss of Light
02-Treasure of Light
03-Redemption of Light

Way of Spider:

01-The Warriors of Spider
02-The Way of Spider
03-The Web of Spider


Children of Dawnland
The Betrayal
Maze Master
The Artifact
The Athena Factor
The Morning River

Requiem for the Conqueror:

First in the trilogy by the bestselling co-author of People of the Silence

This rich and exciting trilogy follows the search of one man--raised to be the ultimate general, the penultimate killing machine--for his own humanity and for the son he's never known. A son who is now his sworn enemy...

Praise for W. Michael Gear's nove

"Highly recommended."--Library Journal