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Ciana Stone - Collection

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| Thriller, Romance | .ePUB | 916 KB |

Book List and Synopsis:

The Boy in the Barn Fear. That's what comes to mind when Sophie thinks of her childhood. Fear. And pain. She ran away from home to protect her unborn child. Now, twenty years later, she's a woman who learned to put the past and its dark secrets behind her. To stand on her own and to build a good life for herself and her son. But the past is not yet done with her and those dark secrets rise from the grave. Her courage, and the strength of her love will be put to the test. What's on the line is everyone she loves. It's flight or fight and this time she won't run.
Warning for readers: This book contains triggers of physical and sexual abuse, of torture and murder. It is not for the faint of heart.

A Matter of Trust Turning dreams into reality? Nikki Morgan, whose life has been more about hard work than fanciful dreams, is about to find out that all things are possible. Her search for a priceless artifact brings her face-to-face with the unknown dark-haired man who has been inhabiting her dreams. Max Weston is about to meet the one woman whose love and belief in him can rescue him from the cruel prison he’s been trapped in for years. Two people, one dream. And a sensual awakening that will rock both to the core. Against a backdrop of breathless sexual interludes and the reuniting of two kindred spirits, it’s a race against time—and a ruthless family that will stop at nothing, even murder—to find the artifact and be the custodians of the immense power it holds.

That Which Survives Senna Lascran, a professor of physics, may find her life quiet and uneventful and her love life lukewarm at best, but that's okay. There's enough pain and mystery in her past to last a lifetime. Until she meets Konnor Chase. Dark and brooding Konnor awakens yearings Senna wasn't aware she was capable of. In fact, she isn't certain she wants to be around him at all. But when a string of murdered scientists lead the police and the corrupt leader of a convert agency to Senna, embroiling her in a series of events that take her ever closer to discovering the deadly secrets of her past, Konnor, an ex-operative of the same covert agency shadowing Senna, may be the only person who can save her. Konnor wants nothing more than to forget his past and the mystery of the six missing weeks of his life. Content to run his small martial arts school, he works on finding inner peace, which eludes him after more than a decade of trying. When fate thrusts Senna into his life, his primary goal is to keep her alive, and learn to deal with the strong emotions she's awakened inside him.

Until There Was You Lola’s life is filled with mysteries. Why did her parents abandon her as a baby? What's behind the baffling blackouts she suffers and the frightening images she creates while she's out? Who is the strange woman claiming to hold the answers - and why does she say Lola has a life or death mission to perform? Morgan has a few mysteries of his own. What was his father going to give him on the day he died, the gift he said would change Morgan's life? Who is this bewitching woman who passes out upon meeting him and creates pictures of his past and future?
And was she really sent to save his life or is she in need of psychiatric help? All they both know is that from the moment they meet a bond is formed and it is stronger and more passionate than anything either has ever known. And that fate has brought them together for a very important reason. If only they knew what it was...

About the Author: Ciana Stone has been reading since the age of three, and wrote her first story at age five. Since then she enjoyed writing as a solitary form of entertainment, before coming out of the closet to share her stories with others. She holds several post graduate degrees and has often been referred to as a professional student. Her latest fields of interest are quantum mechanics and Taoism. When she is not writing (or studying) she enjoys painting (canvas, not walls), sculpting, running, hiking and yoga. She lives with her longtime lover in several locations in the United States.
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