BOARD RULES & How to Post a Request

Post new eBook requests here. Read the Board Rules BEFORE making your requests. DO NOT upload ZIP files.
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BOARD RULES & How to Post a Request

Post by Smasher » Mon Jan 29, 2018 3:32 pm

This topic explains the Board Rules and how a request should be posted.

Four (4) requests maximum within a 24 hour period.

We are a sharing ebook site. Members should graciously share their finds or purchases with the rest of the membership. It shouldn't fall on a handful of members to constantly look for and find others' books. Should you self-find a book you've requested, please don't leave a post to cancel the request. Be gracious enough to provide a link so that those interested members who may have subscribed to your topic will be able to enjoy the book as well. Share and enjoy.

Make sure that you post in the designated forums. If you post requests in any other forum than eBook Requests, your requests will automatically be deleted without notice.

Please be civil and courteous (a thank you in the body of your request goes a long way). It gives the incentive for Hunters to use their time and effort to fulfill your requests when you show your appreciation. Follow the rules and make necessary edits to your requests if you are asked to do so. Be mature and don't be argumentative or combative with the Team.

We offer digital ebooks written or translated in English only - NO MAGAZINES, NO AUDIO.

Active (not found) requests older than 15 days will automatically be deleted. Once deleted, you may request the same title again.

DO NOT post links that lead to external sites with the exception of iBookpile and ebookBB because they are owned by the owner of this board. An Amazon or Goodreads or any retail link to the requested book is acceptable to clarify an edition, series name and/or number, author or title.

DO NOT advertise or solicit. No posting of ad links anywhere on this board. If you do so, you will be BANNED.

DO NOT post images of book covers within your request topics. Again, an Amazon or Goodreads link to the requested book is acceptable to clarify an edition, series name and/or number, author or title.

DO NOT post titles that have not been released yet. You can find that information on Amazon. Check that the title has been released in digital format before requesting. Make your post ON OR AFTER the digital release date. If you're outside the US, keep in mind that we go by Amazon's time, Pacific Time. If you are outside the US, it may take longer to locate a copy of a newly released book in your country if not released at the same time in the US and vice versa.

DO NOT create duplicate accounts (sockpuppets) in order to circumvent the maximum four (4) requests every 24 hours or to beat a banning. If you do, your accounts will be deactivated and you will be PERMANENTLY BANNED.

Search the board to make sure that your request hasn't already been requested by another member. For best results, search by author rather than title.

Tip before posting a request: Sometimes Goodreads doesn't use book numbers and Amazon will. Then sometimes Amazon doesn't, but GR does. So that we'll all be on the same page, we use only one source to get series information and that's GR. Check with Goodreads first to look up series info, not Amazon. You can see more about the books - both availability and series - when you do this. You can see title, series, and digital availability there. Always click on the Amazon button to double-check availability. That button will take you directly into the Amazon store so that you see the various formats that the title comes in should you have any doubts. If GR throws up a Not Found page, simply type in the name of the book and author in the search field on that same GR page. Usually a Not Found page simply means that Amazon has moved the link elsewhere and the book is still on Amazon's site. Though GR is owned by Amazon, the sites aren't synced, so GR may state availability, but Amazon won't and vice versa. Subject lines must match Goodreads.

Not all requests can or will be filled. Any member can help fill a request - referred to as a Hunter. To those who do, make sure that the requesting member has followed the Board Rules before leaving a link. Use a file sharing site such as TusFiles or SendSpace (due to the many, many complaints from members, do NOT use anonfiles or Zippyshare which blocks entire countries) to upload the requested ebook, then provide the link to the member in the request topic, not by PM; this is a banning offense. Do not upload zip files - upload epub, mobi, azw3, cbr (format used for comic books), or pdf files only. DO NOT convert pdf files to epub or mobi without remastering the entire ebook - which we don't expect anyone to do due to the considerable time, effort, and skill it takes.

Make sure you spell correctly. Make use of the Preview button to proof your requests. Assigned Hunters copy and paste from what you post that appears to them via email notification. If the spelling is wrong, it's possible your request will not be found.

WHEN ASKED TO MAKE CORRECTIONS: The OP is expected to make his/her own corrections and is given time to make the correction. If we ask you to edit your post, please do so within 24 hours. Otherwise, your request won't be filled and will be closed so that someone else can request it properly.

HOW TO EDIT YOUR POSTS: To edit your posts, depending on your device, click on the little pencil icon or the drop down menu or the three little dots on the right hand side of your post's subject line. Always edit the original subject line. Don't start a new topic or reply to the topic with your edit.

Once your request has been filled, it will be moved to the Fulfilled/Closed eBook Requests forum.

DO NOT give out your email on the board. Send the member a PM (private message).

Please note - Long Titles: For example - The Pianist: The Extraordinary Story of One Man's Survival in Warsaw, 1939–45. The actual title is The Pianist. The rest is a subtitle. Another example - Torn: The thrilling conclusion to Broken Youth and Black Tears. In this case, the title is simply Torn. The rest is a description. Therefore, usually - take note - usually anything following a colon can be left off in the subject line. Of course, when in doubt, use the entire title that Goodreads or Amazon uses.

DO NOT place in parentheses the words translator, editor, etc. behind the author's name. If there is no actual author, then the translator or editor is the author. That's how we will search for the book - that's how your local library will list such a book. Parentheses (or brackets) are strictly used for series and number.

A Re-Request is when a book has been previously requested and found, but the link is now inactive.

Should your request have an incorrect link or poorly formatted book, PM the uploader so that he/she can correct the existing topic. Don't create a duplicate request by posting a new topic.

How should the topic's title (subject line) look like?
• The topics title must be in a correct format to have a clear overview what is getting requested:
[Name of Book] by [Author Name][Series info, if any]
Example: Ever the Brave by Erin Summerill (Clash of Kingdoms #2)
• There is no need to add "Request" or "Req" in the title as you already are at the request section.
• If a link has expired on a previously requested title, the topic's title should look like this:
[Re-Request Name of Book] by [Author Name][Series info, if any]
Example: Re-Request Ever the Brave by Erin Summerill (Clash of Kingdoms #2)
REMINDER: A Re-Request is when a book has been previously requested and found, but the link is now inactive. This is the ONLY time you use Re-Request.
What information should I include in my request?
• The name of the eBook and author
• All requests are for books written in or translated into English.
• All requests for books should be written in English.

• DO NOT type your requests in all caps regardless how Amazon or Goodreads has the title listed. In the internet environment, all caps is considered shouting, plus it's harder to read. Use all caps only for acronyms.
• One ebook per request: No multiple-book requests allowed. Please make a separate request for EACH book.
• "Books by" "Series by" or "Anything by" requests are not allowed.
• Only series information goes in parentheses in the subject line.
• If your request has a specific edition, the edition number goes behind the title of the book. (Definition of behind - opposite of front, at or in the back, at or in the rear.) That can be abbreviated. For example: Third Edition can be abbreviated as 3E.
• Your request will be deleted if there has not been a reply within 15 days. At that time, you may request it again.
Bumping: You are allowed to bump a request 2 times. A bump is ANY post in a topic. The purpose of a bump is to bring it from back pages to the main page of that forum. You can do this twice within the 15 day rule beginning on the fifth day and on or after the 10th day from the original posting date of the topic. If you bump out of turn, your entire topic will be removed from the Request forum without warning. Choose your time wisely. DO NOT bump other members' topics. Subscribe to the topic if you want to know when a link is posted or for any posting in the topic by a Team member.
• Check these Rules periodically for any revisions. All revisions are noted at the very bottom of this page in a small font.

Remember - Four (4) requests maximum within a 24 hour period.

DO NOT HOT-LINK. Hot-linking is bandwidth theft and is strictly prohibited on this board. Hot-linking will result in the member being permanently banned.

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