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Peter Longerich - Publications

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Peter Longerich - Publications

| Non-Fiction | Biography | epub | 7 mb |

• Hitler: A Biography

Acclaimed historian Peter Longerich, author of Goebbels and Heinrich Himmler now turns his attention to Adolf Hitler in this new biography. While many previous portraits have speculated about Hitler's formative years, Longerich focuses on his central role as the driving force of Nazism itself. You cannot separate the man from the monstrous movement he came to embody. Fromm his ascendance through the party's ranks to his final hours as Führer in April 1945, Longerich shows just how ruthless Hitler was in his path to power. He emphasizes Hitler's political skills as Germany gained prominence on the world's stage. Hitler's rise to, and ultimate hold on, power was more than merely a matter of charisma; rather, it was due to his ability to control the structure he created. His was an image constructed by his regime - an essential piece self-created of propaganda. This comprehensive biography is the culmination of Longerich's life-long pursuit to understand the man behind the century's worst crimes.


"An essential volume for anyone wanting to build up a picture of this atrocious man..." -- Simon Heffer, The Daily Telegraph

"... a real biography by a genuine specialist ..." -- Richard J Evans, The Guardian

"... a comprehensive and impressive work. I am happy to say that Hitler: A Life is a very good book, fluently translated by Jeremy Noakes and Lesley Sharpe. It is comprehensive on the domestic side of the story, and it draws on the newer literature of the past two decades ... Longerich's work is much more than a synthesis... The result is a fine-grained and generally persuasive account of Hitler's rise to power..." -- Brendan Simms, Irish Times

"Here once again [Longerich] mobilises a formidable quantity of archival material and shows us Hitler in his true colours ... [A] detailed biography." -- Richard Overy, Literary Review

"Longerich's meticulous account touches on many issues..." -- Christopher Clark, London Review of Books

"... demonstrates a mastery of a vast mass of primary and secondary research... that is remarkable even for a German professor ... Longerich is uniquely equipped to explore the enigma of a Fuhrer who manipulated and ultimately ruined not on his lieutenants but an entire continent..." -- Daniel Johnson, Standpoint

"Essential reading." -- Christopher Bray, The Tablet

"Throughout, the author wears his impeccable scholarship lightly, creating a fresh picture of one of history's most written-about subjects. A Hitler biography unlikely to be surpassed for quite some time."--Kirkus, Starred Review

"Despite its length, Longerich's book is no ornamental 'door stopper;' it is, rather, an 'eye opener' that sets this book apart from those of many other Hitler biographers."
--Reform Judaism

"A chilling but masterful portrait."--Booklist, Starred Review

"Longerich brings distinctive perspectives to the subject, offering compelling insights... A worthwhile and thought-provoking assessment of Hitler's life and times, in the process providing a stark reminder of the consequences of the politics of hate."
--Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

"While Longerich agrees that Hitler was an inept administrator, he convincingly argues that the administrative upheaval was a function, not a glitch, of the system, enabling Hitler to act as arbiter of policy conflicts and to insert himself forcefully into policy decisions... Readers and scholars of 20th-century history will welcome this [biography]."--Library Journal

"The English-language translation [of Hitler], a herculean feat accomplished by Jeremy Noakes and Lesley Sharpe, never flags, always smartly conveying Longerich's peculiarly magisterial readability... This is [one of] the most impressive translated biograph[ies] of the year."--Christian Science Monitor

• Heinrich Himmler: A Life

As head of the SS, chief of police, 'Reichskommissar for the Consolidation of Germanness', and Reich Interior Minister, Heinrich Himmler enjoyed a position of almost unparalleled power and responsibility in Nazi Germany. Perhaps more than any other single Nazi leader aside from Hitler, his name has become a byword for the terror, persecution, and destruction that characterized the Third Reich. His wide-ranging powers meant that he bore equal responsibility for the repression of the German people on the home front and the atrocities perpetrated by the SS in the East. Yet, in spite of his central role in the crimes of the Nazi regime, until now Himmler has remained a colourless and elusive figure in the history of the period. In this, the first-ever comprehensive biography of the SS-Reichsführer, leading German historian Peter Longerich puts every aspect of Himmler's life under the microscope. Masterfully interweaving the story of Himmler's personal life and political career with the wider history of the Nazi dictatorship, Longerich shows how skilfully he exploited and manipulated his disparate roles in the pursuit of his far-reaching and grandiose objectives. In the process, he illuminates the extraordinary degree to which Himmler's own personal prejudices, idiosyncrasies, and predilections made their mark on the organizations for which he was responsible - especially the SS, which in so many ways bore the characteristic hallmarks of its leader, and whose history remains both incomplete and incomprehensible without a detailed and intimate knowledge of its deeply sinister commander-in-chief.


"There have been several studies of this enigmatic man, but Peter Longerich's massive biography, grounded in exhaustive study of the primary sources, is now the standard work and must stand alongside Ian Kershaw's Hitler, Ulrich Herbert's Best and Robert Gerwarth's Hitler's Hangman: The Life of Heydrich as one of the landmark Nazi biographies. As the author of a celebrated study of the Holocaust, Longerich is better able than his predecessors to situate Himmler within the vast machinery of genocide. And he brings to his task a gift for capturing those mannerisms that are the intimate markers of personality." --Christopher Clark, London Review of Books

"[An] almost encyclopaedic coverage." --Jane Caplan, Times Literary Supplement

"[S]upremely enlightening." --Jacob Heilbrunn, The New York Times Book Review

"Splendid" - The Sunday Telegraph

"Longerich's study of Himmler's banal evil promises to bear the standard." -- The Village Voice

"A masterpiece." --Richard J. Evans, author of The Coming of the Third Reich

"Peter Longerich, already the author of a distinguihed history of the Holocaust, has written a biography that tells us everything that the world could ever need to know about this most terrible, yet dreery, of Hitler's authoritative record."-- Max Hastings, NYORB

"A remarkable and wholly fascinating new book by Peter Longerich, a German historian who is among the world's leading scholars of the Holocaust and the Third Reich." -- Jewish Journal

"[An] epically gripping portrait."--The Independent

• Goebbels: A Biography

Joseph Goebbels was one of Adolf Hitler’s most loyal acolytes. But how did this club-footed son of a factory worker rise from obscurity to become Hitler’s malevolent minister of propaganda, most trusted lieutenant and personally anointed successor? In this definitive one-volume biography, renowned German Holocaust historian Peter Longerich sifts through the historical record – and thirty thousand pages of Goebbels’s own diary entries – to answer that question. Longerich paints a chilling picture of a man driven by a narcissistic desire for recognition who found the personal affirmation he craved within the virulently racist National Socialist movement – and whose lifelong search for a charismatic father figure inexorably led him to Hitler. This comprehensive biography documents Goebbels’ ascent through the ranks of the Nazi Party, where he became a member of the Führer’s inner circle and launched a brutal campaign of anti-Semitic propaganda. Goebbels delivers fresh and important insight into how the Nazi message of hate was conceived, nurtured, and disseminated, and shreds the myth of Goebbels’ own genius for propaganda. It also reveals a man dogged by insecurities and – though endowed with near-dictatorial control of the media – beset by bureaucratic infighting. And, as never before, Longerich exposes Goebbels’s twisted personal life – his mawkish sentimentality, manipulative nature, and voracious sexual appetite. This complete portrait of the man behind Hitler’s message is sure to become a standard for historians and students of the Holocaust for decades to come.



"A landmark biography" (Daily Mail)

"An impressive achievement... illuminating … indispensable" (Richard J Evans)

" Meticulous in its detail… a major work of scholarship" (Ben Shephard Observer)

"[A] grimly compelling new biography" (Mail on Sunday)