True Crime - Collection

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True Crime - Collection

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True Crime - Collection

| Crime/Historical | epub | 265.5 mb |


Ann Rule:

In the Still of the Night
Practice to Decieve
The Stanger Beside Me

David Grann:

Killers of the Flower Moon
The Devil and Sherlock Holmes

Harold Schecter:

Killer Colt
The Devil's Gentleman

Katherine Ramsland:

Moonlight Murder on Lovers' Lane
The Devil's Dozen
The Vampire Trap: When Pop Culture Inspires Murder

T.J. English:

Havana Nocturne
Paddy Whacked
The Savage City

Jame Patterson:

Home Sweet Murder
Murder, Interrupted


Allison Hoover Bartlett - The Man Who Loved Books Too Much
Anthony M. DeStefano - King of the Godfathers
Asne Seirstad - One Of Us
Barbie Latza Nadeau - Angel Face
Ben MacIntyre - The Napoleon of Crime
Ben Mezrich - Sex on the Moon
Caitlin Rother - Dead Reckoning
Catherine Crier - Final Analysis
David King - Death in the City of Light
David Leslie - Bible John's Secret
David Pietrusza - Rothstein
David Vann - Last Day on Earth
Dick Lehr - The Fence
Dorothy & Thomas Hoobler - Crimes of Paris
Douglas Perry - The Girls of Murder City
Douglas Starr - The Killer of Little Shepherds
Edward Dolnick - The Rescue Artist
Erik Larson - Thunderstruck
Craighead Jr, Zimmerman, Zan, Pompian - Operation Family Secrets
Gary Noesner - Stalling for Time
Geoffrey Gray - Skyjack: The Hunt for D. B. Cooper
Greg B. Smith - Nothing but Money
Gregg Olsen - Starvation Heights
Gus Russo - The Outfit
Guy Lawson - Octopus
H. W. Brands - The Murder of Jim Fisk
Hampton Sides - Hellhound on His Trail
Helen Prejean - Dead Man Walking
Howard Blum - American Lightning
James Ellroy - My Dark Places
James Marrison - The World's Most Bizarre Murders
Jason Kersten - The Art of Making Money
Jason Moss & Jeffrey Kottler - The Last Victim
Jay Dobyns & Nils Johnson-Shelton - No Angel
Jimmy Breslin - The Good Rat
John Buntin - L.A. Noir
Jon Krakauer - Missoula
Jon Wells - Sniper
Jonathan Harr - The Lost Painting
Karen Spears Zacharias - A Silence of Mockingbirds
Kate Summerscale - The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher
Kathryn Casey - A Descent Into Hell
Kevin Weeks & Phyllis Karas - Brutal
Lawrence Schiller - Perfect Murder, Perfect Town
Les Standiford - Bringing Adam Home
Lisa R. Cohen - After Etan
Lorenzo Carcaterra - Sleepers
M. William Phelps - The Killing Kind
Mara Leveritt - Devil's Knot
Mark Ames - Going Postal
Mark Seal - The Man in the Rockefeller Suit
Mark Whitehead & Miriam Rivett - Jack the Ripper
Michael Connelly - Crime Beat
Michael Finkel - True Story
Mikal Gilmore - Shot in the Heart
Mike Dash - First Family
Mitchell Zuckoff - Ponzi's Scheme
Myles J. Connor & Jenny Siler - The Art of the Heist
Neil Storey & Neil R Storey - East End Murders
Nelson Johnson - Boardwalk Empire
Nigel Cawthorne - Killers
Noah Charney - Stealing the Mystic Lamb
Pat Brown - The Profiler
Patrick Radden Keefe - Snakehead
Paul Collins - The Murder of the Century
Peter Vronsky - Serial Killers
Robert K. Wittman - Priceless
Robert Keppel - The Riverman
Rodolfo Walsh - Operation Massacre
Ron Franscell - Delivered From Evil
Roy Wenzl & Tim Potter & Hurst Laviana - Bind, Torture, Kill
Sam Brower - Prophet's Prey
Samuel Logan - This Is for the Mara Salvatrucha
Scott Andrew Selby & Greg Campbell - Flawless
Sheriff David Reichert - Chasing the Devil
Simon Baatz - For the Thrill of It
Truman Capote - In Cold Blood
Vincent Bugliosi - Helter Skelter