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Donate To Our eBook Network

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First of all, thank you so much for your support and kind words.

As you know, Our sites are sharing free eBooks for all of you. It is totally free, no hidden cost whatsoever (besides the one that you spend on your internet subscription)

The truth is, there is nothing that is truly free in this world. Even for this website, there are still costs that I need to pay. Mainly for the servers to Get the sites up and running. Advertising rates are so low these days as i'm facing issues in covering server costs. You can support me by donating.

Almost every donation method can be accepted. Just send me a PM. :)

Perks Of Donating:

VIP/Donor Rank.
Name will be shown in Legends when online.
Can post 5 eBook requests instead of 2 in a day.
Requests will be given priority.
Any warnings (if have) will be removed.

Special Thanks to Those who are donating every month. :)