Simon Beaufort - Alec Lonsdale Series

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Simon Beaufort - Alec Lonsdale Series

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Simon Beaufort - Alec Lonsdale Series

| Crime Fiction | Historical Mystery | epub |
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1. Mind of a Killer (2017)

All is not glorious and progressive in Victoria’s capital city, as London has another side replete with crime, murder, and poverty. London, 1882. Alec Lonsdale, a reporter for The Pall Mall Gazette, is following up a story about a fatal house fire. But the post mortem on the victim produces shocking results: Patrick Donovan’s death was no accident. But why would someone murder a humble shop assistant and steal part of his brain? A young prostitute approaches Lonsdale, claiming to have information about that and other murders, but when Lonsdale goes to meet her, he finds her with her throat cut, and her companion also dead. Lonsdale and his spirited female colleague, Hulda Friederichs, begin seeking answers, only to find their efforts stymied at every turn by the police. Nevertheless, they manage to uncover evidence of a conspiracy that reaches the highest echelons of Victorian society. But will they ever get to finish their investigation, or will they join the list of victims first?

2. Watchers of the Dead (2019)

From grand social events to elite gentlemen’s clubs to the inside of the Broadmoor Criminal Lunatic Asylum, the search for a brutal murderer takes Lonsdale and Hulda through the many and varied strata of Victorian London. December, 1882. Attending the opening of the new Natural History Museum, reporter Alex Lonsdale of The Pall Mall Gazetteand his colleague Hulda Friederichs are shocked to discover a body un the basement, hacked to death. Suspicion immediately falls on a trio of cannibals, brought over from the Congo as part of a museum exhibit, who have disappeared without trace. Lonsdale, however, has his doubts – especially when he discovers that three other influential London men have been similarly murdered. When he and Hulda discover a letter in the victim’s home warning of a catastrophic even planned for Christmas Eve, the pair find themselves in a race against time to discover who exactly the Watchers of the Dead are and what it is they intend to do …