Preston W. Child - Order of the Black Sun series #1-33

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Preston W. Child - Order of the Black Sun series #1-33

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11 BoxSets - Order of the Black Sun series by Preston W. Child

Mystery/Thriller ePub 9.1 MB

The Order of the Black Sun Series leads the reader on a roller-coaster ride in search of a legend. Packed with breathtaking suspense and nerve-shredding action, the Order of the Black Sun Series is a thrilling read for all fans of action, suspense, and intrigue.

Boxset 1 (#1-3)

Ice Station Wolfenstein
Deep Sea One
Black Sun Rising

Boxset 2 (#4-6)

The Quest For Valhalla
Nazi Gold
Black Sun Conspiracy

Boxset 3 (#7-9)

The Atlantis Scrolls
Library Of Forbidden Books
Tomb Of Odin

Boxset 4 (#10-12)

The Tesla Experiment
The Seventh Secret
The Medusa Stone

Boxset 5 (#13-15)

Mystery Of The Amber Room
The Babylonian Mask
The Fountain Of Youth

Boxset 6 (#16-18)

The Vault Of Hercules
The Hunt For The Lost Treasure
King Solomon's Diamonds

Boxset 7 (#19-21)

The Lost Crown Of The Knights Templar
The Inca Prophecy
Keepers Of The Lost City

Boxset 8 (#22-24)

The Einstein Equation
The Hunt For Excalibur
The Quest For The Holy Grail

Boxset 9 (#25-27)

Project Phoenix
Pirate Gold
The Book Of Shadows

Boxset 10 (#28-30)

Secrets Of The Deep
The Templar Curse
The Mayan Temple

Boxset 11 (#31-33)

The Tomb Of Genghis Khan
Operation Rubicon
Poseidons Secret
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