John Sandford - Lucas Davenport Series Books #1-29

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John Sandford - Lucas Davenport Series Books #1-29

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| Mystery/Thriller | .ePUB | 22.3 MB |

Synopsis: Lucas Davenport is the protagonist of the Prey series. In the first three novels, he is a maverick detective with the Minneapolis Police Department, a lieutenant acting independently, running a network of street contacts. At the end of Eyes of Prey, he's forced to resign to avoid excessive force charges, partly due to his knowledge of the connection of a senior police officer to that case. He returns in Night Prey as a deputy chief (a political appointment), running his own intelligence unit. Beginning with Naked Prey, Davenport is an investigator for the Minnesota Department of Public Safety's Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA), acting occasionally as a special troubleshooter for the governor of Minnesota in politically sensitive cases. He serves in that capacity through Gathering Prey, at the end of which he quits working for the BCA, later becoming a United States marshal. He's known for his unorthodox and manipulative behavior as a detective, reminiscent of Dirty Harry Callahan. He is not a leader, but a loner who works with a small circle of capable, straight police friends.

Book Listing:

1. Rules of Prey
2. Shadow Prey
3. Eyes of Prey
4. Silent Prey
5. Winter Prey
6. Night Prey
7. Mind Prey
8. Sudden Prey
9. Secret Prey
10. Certain Prey
11. Easy Prey
12. Chosen Prey
13. Mortal Prey
14. Naked Prey
15. Hidden Prey
16. Broken Prey
17. Invisible Prey
18. Phantom Prey
19. Wicked Prey
20. Storm Prey
21. Buried Prey
22. Stolen Prey
23. Silken Prey
24. Field of Prey
25. Gathering Prey
26. Extreme Prey
27. Golden Prey
28. Twisted Prey
29. Neon Prey

About the Author: John Sandford (real name John Roswell Camp) is a New York Times best-selling author, American novelist, a former journalist and recipient of the Pulitzer Prize.

I'm a bibliophile, ailurophile, cynophilist, and taphophile from the Deep South, USA.

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