Paul J. Teague - The Complete Thriller Collection: Twelve Psychological Thrillers

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Paul J. Teague - The Complete Thriller Collection: Twelve Psychological Thrillers

Post by AddictedToReading » Sun Feb 02, 2020 6:34 am


The Complete Thriller Collection: Twelve Psychological Thrillers by Paul J. Teague

Mystery/Thriller Epub 2.4 MB

12 x psychological thrillers, packed with action and suspense, including 2 x trilogies. The ultimate omnibus edition which will keep you on the edge of your seat with non-stop tension and plot twists.

It includes:

The Don't Tell Meg Trilogy

Don't Tell Meg: Two women. One night. So many deaths.
The Murder Place: A missing wife. A former lover. A house that isn't yet done with death.
The Forgotten Children: A childhood poisoned by betrayal. A revenge that can wait no more.

The Morecambe Bay Trilogy

Left For Dead: A return to the past. Two guilty secrets. A memory that won't stay buried ...
Circle of Lies: Five powerful men. One desperate woman. A seaside town rocked to its core ...
Truth Be Told: An evil man. A quest for revenge. A woman who will do anything to save her family. A truth that must be told ...

PLUS six standalone stories ...

Two Years After: A shattered life. A tortured mind. A return to work that becomes a living hell ...

Dead of Night: A lonely road. A freak accident. A violent pursuit. Now they must try to stay alive until daylight ...

One Last Chance: A millionaire's secret retreat. The chance of life-changing money. A man who's willing to risk everything to achieve his dreams ...

Friends Who Lie: Ten good friends. One small fortune. But who can be trusted to keep it safe?

No More Secrets: Five friends. A burned body. So many lies.

So Many Lies: It began with a family gathering - it ended in a bloodbath.
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