Karen Baugh Menuhin - The Heathcliff Lennox Series Boxset

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Karen Baugh Menuhin - The Heathcliff Lennox Series Boxset

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| Mystery/Thriller | ePUB | 666kb |

1. Murder at Melrose Court
It’s 1920 and Christmas is coming. Major Lennox finds a body on his doorstep – why on his doorstep? Was it to do with the Countess? Was it about the ruby necklace? Lennox goes to Melrose Court home to his uncle, Lord Melrose, to uncover the mystery. But then the murders begin and it snows and it all becomes very complicated….

2. The Black Cat Murders
Who killed Sir Crispin Gibbons? A wedding invitation and news of mischief that could be murder, takes Lennox to the Earl of Bloxford’s country pile. He soon finds himself in a world of purloined artworks, forgeries and a priceless Bloxford Beauty. But who are the Bloxford Beauties? And why are they the focal point around which swirls death?Lennox must confront life-long friends, unscrupulous artists and dealers to finally unravel a plot so complex that even his old adversary, Chief Inspector Swift of Scotland Yard, is befuddled.

3. The Curse of Braeburn Castle Halloween 1921. A castle on a rock in a lonely Scottish loch, Braeburn has been crumbling for centuries. Someone tries to remedy the rot but uncovers a skeleton behind a wall. It wears a crown upon its skull and hides a curse within its bones. Is it the ancient King of the Isles? Or is it Black Dougal? And why is it surrounded by mystery?As ghosts are heard and treasure seekers arrive, the Braeburn’s call Major Heathcliff Lennox. He travels to the Highlands to help his old friends, taking his dog, his butler and his small cat.

About the Author - from her Goodreads bio: 1920's, Cozy crime, Traditional Detectives, Downtown Abbey - I love them! Along with my family, my dog and my cat. At 60 I decided to write, I don't know why but suddenly the stories came pouring out, along with the characters. Eccentric uncles, stalwart butlers, idiosyncratic servants, machinating countesses, Fogg the dog and the hapless Major Heathcliff Lennox. Suddenly a whole world built itself upon the page and I just followed along.

I'm a bibliophile, ailurophile, cynophilist, and taphophile from the Deep South, USA.

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