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Brad Thor - Scot Harvath Series

Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2019 9:59 pm
by SickoSocko

Brad Thor - Scot Harvath Series

| thriller | epub | 14.1 mb |


01-The Lions of Lucerne
02-Path of the Assassin
03-State of the Union
06-The First Commandment
07-The Last Pattiot
08-The Apostle
09.5-The Athena Project
09-Foreign Influence
10-Full Black
11-Black List
12-Hidden Order
13-Act of War
14.5-The Athens Solution
14-Code of Conduct
15-Foreign Agent
16-Use of Force

The Lions of Lucerne:

On the snowy Utah slopes, thirty Secret Service agents are viciously executed and the vacationing president of the United States kidnapped, seemingly by the Fatah, a lethal terrorist organization in the Middle East. But Scot Harvath, surviving agent and ex-Navy SEAL, doesn't believe the Fatah is responsible.

A shadowy coalition comprises some of the highest-ranking officials in government and business – men who operate above the law, realize the threat Scot poses to their hidden agenda, and will do anything to stop him. Framed for murder and on the run, Scot takes to the towering mountains of Switzerland with beautiful Claudia Mueller of the Swiss Federal Attorney's Office. They brave subzero temperatures and sheer heights of treacherous Mount Pilatus, and the den of notorious professional killers