Christine Goff - Birdwatcher Series

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Christine Goff - Birdwatcher Series

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Christine Goff - Birdwatcher Series

| Mystery | epub | 3.9 mb |


01-A Rant of Ravens (not-included)
02-Death Of A Songbird
03-A Nest in the Ashes
04-Death Takes a Gander
05-A Sacrifice of Buntings
05-Death Shoots a Birdie
06-A Parliament of Owls (not-included)

The Birdwatcher’s Mysteries focus on environmental themes with a birdwatching bent.

Death Shoots a Birdie:

When renowned birder Guy Sazby's protege is killed and he becomes the prime suspect, Rachel Wilder wonders if--like the painted bunting--Saxby really did kill another male who was encroaching upon his turf.