Eldon Thompson - Legend of Asahiel Trilogy

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Eldon Thompson - Legend of Asahiel Trilogy

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Eldon Thompson - Legend of Asahiel Trilogy

| Urban Fantasy | epub | 3.3 mb |


01-The Crimson Sword
02-The Obsidian Key
03-The Divine Talisman

The Crimson Sword:

When the king of Alson is assassinated, the young guardian Jarom of Diln learns a shocking secret that will change him and his world. Amid the chaos. he is manipulated by a mysterious council to undertake an impossible ques t. His mission: recover the Crimson Sword, one of the mythical Swords of Asahiel used by the elven avarats to forge the earth. Yet terrible danger lies ahead. The Demon Queen Spithaera has been awakened, and mankind is about to learn ho w very powerless it can be against the ancient terrors of the world. And recovering the mystical talisman is only the beginning.