Elizabeth Moon - Collection

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Elizabeth Moon - Collection

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Elizabeth Moon - Collection

| Sci-fi/Fantasy | epub | 24.2 mb |


Legacy of Gird:

01-Surrender None
02-Liar's Oath

Deed of Paksenarrion:

01-The Sheepfarmer's Daughter
02-Divided Allegiance
03-Oath of Gold
01-03 The Deed of Paksenarrion (omnibus)

Paladin's Legacy:

01-Oath of Fealty
02-Kings of the North
03-Echoes of Betrayal
04-Limits of Power
05-Crown of Renewal

Serrano Legacy:

01-Hunting Party (2 copies)
02-Sporting Chance
03-Winning Colors
04-Once A Hero
05-Rules of Engagement
06-Change of Command
07-Against the Odds

Vatta's War:

01-Trading in Danger
02-Marque and Reprisal
03-Engaging the Enemy
04-Command Decision
05-Victory Conditions

Vattas Peace:

01-Cold Welcome
02-Into the Fire (not-included)

Planet Pirates (with other authors)

01-Sassinak (Anne McCaffrey)
02-The Deep Sleep (Jody Lynn Nye)
03-Generation Warriors (Anne McCaffrey)


Remnant Population
The Speed of Dark

Short Story Collections:

Lunar Activity
Moon Flights

Command Decision:

With the Vatta's War series, award-winning author Elizabeth Moon has claimed a place alongside such preeminent writers of military science fiction as David Weber and Lois McMaster Bujold. Now Moon is back and so is her butt-kicking, take-no-prisoners heroine, Kylara Vatta. Once the black-sheep scion of a prosperous merchant family, Kylara now leads a motley space force dedicated to the defeat of a rapacious pirate empire led by the mysterious Gammis Turek.

After orchestrating a galaxy-wide failure of the communications network owned and maintained by the powerful ISC corporation, Turek and his marauders strike swiftly and without mercy. First they shatter Vatta Transport. Then they overrun entire star systems, growing stronger and bolder. No one is safe from the pirate fleet. But while they continue to move forward with their diabolical plan, they have made two critical mistakes.

Their first mistake was killing Kylara Vatta's family.
Their second mistake was leaving her alive.
Now Kylara is going to make them pay.

But with a fleet consisting of only three ships including her flagship, the Vanguard, a souped-up merchant cruiser Kylara needs allies, and fast. Because even though she possesses the same coveted communication technology as the enemy, she has nowhere near their numbers or firepower.

Meanwhile, as Kylara's cousin Stella tries to bring together the shattered pieces of the family trading empire, new treachery is unfolding at ISC headquarters, where undercover agent Rafael Dunbarger, estranged son of the corporation's CEO, is trying to learn why the damaged network is not being repaired. What he discovers will send shock waves across the galaxy and crashing into Kylara's newly christened Space Defense Force at the worst possible moment.

The Speed of Dark won the 2003 Nebula Award