Toby Neighbors - SSG Vanhorn series (#1-6)

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Toby Neighbors - SSG Vanhorn series (#1-6)

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SSG Vanhorn series by Toby Neighbors (#1-6)

Sci-Fi/Fantasy - ePub 1.9 MB

Staff Sergeant Eli Vanhorn was a hard charging member of the Fleet Marine Corps' elite TAC Teams until the battle of Luyten C nearly cost him his life. Now he's fighting just to do the ordinary tasks he used to take for granted. Relegated to a logistics position on the exploration vessel Rihla, he accepts that he will never fight the dreaded Orrkasi again.

But when the Rihla enters the unexplored system of Leonis everything changes. Staff Sergeant Vanhorn won't just have to deal with his broken body, he'll have to improvise, adapt, and overcome if he hopes to survive being stranded on an unexplored world with his arch enemies. The SSG Vanhorn Series is a first person thrill-ride on an alien planet packed with detailed battles, guerrilla warfare, and just a spark of hope that the survivors of the Rihla might do more to turn the tide in the war with the Orrkasi than the rest of the fleet combined.

1. Survivors

2. Infiltrators

3. Resistance

4. Conquest

5. Occupation

6. Extraction
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