Sherri L. King - Horde Wars Series

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Sherri L. King - Horde Wars Series

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| Romance/Erotic/Paranormal | .ePUB | 1.1mb |

#1 - Ravenous In a small Southern town where everyone knows everybody else's business, Cady Swann has managed to keep a few secrets to herself...among them, the fact that every night for the past fifteen years she's been protecting the town - probably the world - from a monstrous invasion of nether-worldly beasts. Unfortunately for Cady, someone has discovered her secret. Someone - or something - not quite human. Obsidian is a warrior, proud and fierce. He wants Cady to join his army in the war against their common foe. He also wants her to join him in his bed, to tempt and delight her into tying her life to his and leaving her world behind...forever.

#2 - Wanton Fire Cinder, Shikar warrior and strongest of the Incinerator Caste, has met his match in Steffy Michanke. He wants her as he has never wanted another and means to have her at any cost. Steffy, a woman with a dark past, wants nothing more than to break free from the sexy being who has vowed to protect her from the creatures that stalk them. Independent to a fault, she vows to deny the love that is promised in Cinder's fiery kiss, no matter how much she may yearn for it. Danger threatens from every shadow. Love and death walk hand in hand. Cinder and Steffy must join forces. The Daemon Horde is coming.

#3 Razor's Edge NYPD Officer Emily Lansing has seen it all. But after an encounter with a warrior Shikar.
And a contingent of Daemons, she comes to understand that there are worse things stalking the night than murderers or thieves. Here there be monsters and they know her by name. The Shikar world is in all-out war with the Horde. Their defenses are crumbling, their hopes dwindling. But Edge, a Foil Master, will fight to the death to see his people triumph. No one is more committed to the cause than he. There is no danger he will not face, no risk he will not take. Save one. Emily must take matters into her own hands. Even if it means she'll likely die as a result. Love between the races has never been more dangerous. But Emily knows she has to try. She has to survive. The Daemon Horde has arrived.

#4 - Sacred Eden This story is set in the Horde Wars universe. Cady and Obsidian, two greatly revered Shikar Warriors, know they share a love like no other. A love that will last forever. A love not even Death can interrupt. And now it’s time to put that love to the ultimate test … for Death is on its way.

#5 - Lord of the Deep
Tryton, Elder of the Shikar Council, knows the cost of love and vows never to fall prey to its seductive embrace. He cannot, for that way lies madness, destruction and unspoken secrets centuries old. Niki Akitoye is a woman cursed by love, indeed by any emotion that makes her lose grip on her tightly held control. When Niki loses control, people die. She must never let anyone get too close. But once these two proud fighters meet, all their rules stand waiting to be broken…and the price of desire could be salvation or destruction. In a world you thought you knew, pasts collide and futures hang in the balance. For our greatest needs and darkest secrets are kept closest to the heart. And fate has a way of catching up with us…

#6 - Traveler's Kiss
He walks between shadow and light, in the hesitations between thought and motion. Seen stars fade and moons break, witnessed supernovae and the birth of galaxies. He is Grimm The Traveler, no part of the universe barred to him—save one. The woman he desires…always just beyond reach. Raine was a prisoner of the Daemon Horde. Now free of their clutches, her mind is shattered, her powers exponentially grown but unpredictable. Her greatest fear is harming the only person who matters to her—Grimm. She’ll do anything to protect him. Even make a deal with the devil. Lord Daemon isn’t to be trusted but he’s the only one capable of understanding Raine’s unique abilities. To save her love and restore a universe in chaos, Raine must forge an alliance that will either end the Horde War forever or empower Lord Daemon with might immeasurable. Win it all. Or lose everything. Raine’s always known there’s no turning back from The Traveler’s kiss.

About the Author: Sherri King lives in the American Midwest with her husband, artist and illustrator Darrell King. Hailed by industry officials as an e-pub phenomenon, Sherri is the author of critically acclaimed series The Horde Wars and Sterling Files, as well as the horror lit-erotica, Venereus.
I'm a bibliophile, ailurophile, cynophilist, and taphophile from the Deep South, USA.

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