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Susan Stoker Collections

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Ace Security
Claiming Grace
Claiming Alexis
Claiming Biley
Claiming Felicity

Badge of Honor Texas Heroes
Justice for Boone
Justice for COrrie
Justice for Erin
Justice for Hope
Justice for Laine
Justice for Mackenzie
Justice for Mickie
Justice for Milena
Shelter for Adeline
Shelter for Blythe
Shelter for Elizabeth
Shelter for Sophie
Badge of Honor Texas

Delta Force Heroes
Rescuing Rayne
Assiting Aimee
Rescuing Emily
Rescuing Harley
Marrying Emily
Rescuing Kassie
Rescuing Bryn
Rescuing Casey
Rescuing Sadie
Rescuing WEndy
Rescuing Mary
Delta Force

Seal of Protection
Protecting Caroline
Protecting Alabama
Protecting FIona
Marrying Caroline
Protecting Summer
Protecting Cheyenne
Protecting Jessyka
Protecting Julie
Protecting Melody
Protecting the Future
Protecting Alabama's Kids
Protecting Kiera
Protecting Dakota
Seal of