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COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 4:42 am
by asolitaryblue
I hope everyone is safe and doing OK in the middle of this covid-19 pandemic.

I'm in Sri Lanka and we have all been put under complete curfew from this evening until next Monday. It was chaos in the last few hours, with people rushing to stock up and get home.

Sri Lanka has 65 infected and no deaths yet so we are doing much better than other countries but we are a very small country and our healthcare system cannot really handle a pandemic of this proportion so we are bracing ourselves for some really difficult times.

I hope you are all at home, enjoying a book and trying to keep negative thoughts away. If you have to go out for work or necessity, I hope you are safe.



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Re: How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:05 am
by sniksnak
It's crazy here. I'd been in the hospital for a week with issues stemming from another heart attack and they kicked me out earlier this week to make room for COVID 19 patients.

The state I live in, Louisiana, now has 392 confirmed cases and 10 deaths. All but the one reported this morning were over the age of 65. This last one was 44 years old.

Nationwide, as of this morning we have 14,366 confirmed cases and 217 deaths.

Our governor says that Louisiana has one of the highest number of cases, per capita, in the United States. He also says that New Orleans ranks 7th in the raw number of cases in the nation.

Churches are closed, schools and colleges have shut down until at least April 13th, with the possibility of closing for the school term and hoping all students can catch up with summer classes. Our governor also handed out 5,000 Chrome books for students to keep up their studies. Stores are closed, restaurants and bars are closed with only pickup or delivery service provided and grocery stores are curtailing their hours with set time for seniors to shop. The only thing is, the shelves are mostly bare. I placed an order online at Walmart (yuck, certainly not my favorite place to shop for food) yesterday that I will pick up today - was able to get everything I need with the exception of ... yep, toilet paper. A friend from Michigan is shipping down some. People have gone ape-sh*t hoarding.

In the meantime, I've read 69 books for the year so far. Between being in the hospital four times, twice with surgeries on my foot and once with another heart attack, then back with heart issues, and now home bound, all I do is read. YAY for reading! 😊 📚 😊

I'm sending out many prayers and have a mile long list of novenas I'm doing for friends, family and in general. Thank goodness I had stocked up on novena candles several weeks ago. Hard to find them locally, too. I saw some at one of the little dollar stores online and that's been it.

Y'all stay inside, Gang. Read and those with families, enjoy them. Wishing all good health and keep up your spirits, Suse

Re: How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 1:40 pm
by Booklover
It's crazy here as well. I live in Belgium. You can compare it to Maryland.

2000 confirmed cases. More new cases each day (yesterday 350, today over 400). And those are "confirmed cases". Not everyone is being tested. Doctors assume that more than 20000 people are being sick at the moment.

- Schools are closed for - at least - 5 weeks, until April 20. Universities are closed until the end of the Academic Year.
-Borders are closed as of today.
- Some airports are closed.
- Only bakeries, pharmacies and supermarkets are open. We’re allowed to go shopping for max 30 minutes. People are hoarding... toilet paper and paracetamol.

-"Elderly" people are advised to shop between 8 and 9 a.m. Nurses, doctors and all other medical staff get their groceries delivered at their workplace.

- You're not allowed to leave your village. If you do you can get a fine... of up to 4000(!) euros. We should stay 1.5 meters away from each other at all times.

And it is getting worse by the minute, as doctors think this pandemic might take 10 to 12 weeks to disappear. Best case scenario.

Stay safe, everyone ! ❤️️❤️️❤️️

Re: How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Fri Mar 20, 2020 5:17 pm
by AddictedToReading
The virus 'hit' us only about 10 days ago and we are already over 200...

The scary part is that half the population do not take it serious even though Our schools are closed and bars and restaurants must close at 18h00. No gatherings more than 50 and if you have a wedding or funeral you have to apply for a permit.

Some think its just a frenzy and do not even try to do their part

In our rural areas some places do not even have running water....our state hospitals are in shambles they can't keep up with the normal load so its scary to think what would happen

Our electricity supplier is bankrupt from corrupt managers and we have been having loadshedding....they cut the power for 3 hours at a time sometimes every 5 hours some once a day...

We do have a lot of people infected with HIV and TB and I don't even want to think what would happen with them...

They discovered today that 5 people with the virus was at a church meeting where more than 200 people attended 2 days in a row and they estimate that all those people came in contact with a 1000 people....they are trying to connect with all the people to test them.

Other people came from Italy and their child attended school like normal, and now the whole school are tested and we can just keep fingers crossed....

Re: How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Sat Mar 21, 2020 7:33 am
by sniksnak
As of last night, my state has positive cases in 28 parishes (counties to the rest of you US citizens). We have 64 parishes. The positive cases are now 537 with 14 deaths. The youngest passed away yesterday at age 38. We will get another update mid-morning. Here are the ages that are positive in Louisiana:
  • 1 positive case among individuals below 18
  • 32 positive cases among individuals ages 18-29
  • 75 positives cases among individuals ages 30-39
  • 113 positive cases among individuals ages 40-49
  • 108 positive cases among individuals ages 50-59
  • 96 positive cases among individuals ages 60-69
  • 112 positive cases among individuals ages 70+
Sending out prayers to you and your families. Please be safe and heed the guidelines and rules of your officials. In the meantime, enjoy your household members and happy reading. 🙏 🏩 📚

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 4:22 am
by sniksnak
It's getting worse in the States. There are over 25,000 confirmed cases and more than 300 have died.

763 confirmed cases in Louisiana
418 cases in New Orleans
20 deaths reported
35 parishes with reported cases
Stay-home mandate issued for New Orleans
Drive-thru testing sites can perform 250 tests per site per day

One confirmed death in Shreveport. My little farm town is 7 miles from Shreveport.

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 5:46 am
by asolitaryblue
Reading about the dead and newly infected each day from different parts of the world is heartbreaking. The numbers are staggering and I just don't see an end in sight. They've extended the curfew here to Tuesday, when it will be lifted for a few hours from 6am to 2pm, to give people a chance to get groceries. After 2pm, it's curfew again and the government hasn't even told us until when. I'm bracing myself for what will be utter chaos while people scramble for groceries.

At least my family is muddling along. In our country there are so many people who earn daily wages and are now desperate. These people are laborers or domestic helpers who are now out of income and have no savings. How can they be expected to stockpile groceries?

When I think about the future and how long it's going to take us to get out of this, I feel very bleak. I'm grateful to this forum because I have so many books to read and they take me to a happier world and let me forget the troubles we are all facing at least for a few hours.

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:54 pm
by erryl
I'm from Michigan in the States. I don't remember the number of cases. I had to look it up. It is 1, 035 cases and 8 have died. I feel sorry for the families world wide of the people who have died.

And yes people are hoarding toilet paper in my state to. One guy got arrested for selling it out of his van in my town.

I have done some reading, but I can't read too long with my migraine headaches. That and I can't go to the hospital to get medicine for the really bad ones. I understand why. My brother has put me and my Mom on stay at home, because she is over 60 and I have a comprised immune system. I have diabetes and asthma.

There isn't a curfew here. The bars, restaurants, libraries, and movie theaters are closed. The restaurants are on carry out only. There isn't a lot of traffic like usual because everyone is home. Some people are doing the social distancing thing. I'm holding up ok, and I hope everyone else is. ^_^

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:39 am
by sniksnak
Yesterday the state of Louisiana issued a stay at home order. Most of my neighborhood has been self-quarantined, anyway, so nothing has changed for us.

At noon yesterday, the latest figures were sent out:

1,172 positive cases
34 deaths
41 of 64 parishes with the virus

Stay safe, Gang!

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 4:30 pm
by Tooterkins
I thought I would post the statistics for my home state, Virginia. We were one of the last states to report an active case. Like Louisiana, we also have a stay at home order from the governor. Suse we're well behind you in numbers so please stay safe my friend!

Total number of Virginians tested: 3,697
Total diagnosed cases of coronavirus: 254
Total number of Virginians hospitalized with coronavirus: 38
Total number of deaths attributed to coronavirus: 7 The latest death was a man in his 70s from Virginia Beach with multiple pre- existing conditions.
The Accomack and Northampton Health Departments have reported 2 cases on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2020 9:50 pm
by sniksnak
At noon today, Louisiana's latest figures were released:

1,388 positive cases
46 deaths
43 of 64 parishes with the virus

Sending many prayers for you and your families. Gang, please stay safe!

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:07 am
by Bridie
We are into the second week of isolation and because I'm in the at-risk group, I'm not even going food shopping. Thank goodness I have plenty of hobbies to keep me occupied and of course books are so important to see us through these crazy sad times.
Thank you to the hunters and stay safe everyone.

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Wed Mar 25, 2020 10:19 am
by siberian202angel
I'm in Germany and the situation is bleak. Last I heard, there are about 31.554 confirmed cases and thankfully only 149 deaths so far, which is in part attributed to the German health system and the unprecedented actions taken to slow down the virus' spread as best as possible.

People nationwide are ordered to stay home, although it is allowed to go grocery-shopping (if you can get the necessities, that is) and if you work in system-critical jobs, you're also allowed to work. Public life has been shut down completely.
I work in public administration and public contact is kept at the utmost minimum needed to get basic things done, plus people are told to come only if they have urgent requests. I need to cross a state border to get from where I live to where I work and I have a note from my bosses that home office is not possible in my department, so I have to come in, but it's quite a hassle because police do control who enters the state (it's off-limits for tourists and for anyone who doesn't live in the state) and who leaves on what business.

It's surreal and worrisome to follow the news worldwide (and deal with the stupidity of some so-called presidents), but I have faith that we will see it through. I'm sending all my prayers to those affected and also to those struggling with isolation, whether it's physically or mentally. We'll be ok, eventually... God bless you all!

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 12:14 pm
by sniksnak
Prayers going out for all! ❤️️

Louisiana's stats released at noon today:

2.305 positive cases
83 deaths
53 of 64 parishes with the virus

Our first death under age 18 reported.

1 death among individuals below 18
3 deaths among individuals ages 30-39
7 deaths among individuals ages 40-49
15 deaths among individuals ages 50-59
8 deaths among individuals ages 60-69
49 deaths among individuals ages 70+

Re: COVID 19 How is everyone holding up?

Posted: Thu Mar 26, 2020 4:31 pm
by Booklover
More than 1200 extra positive cases in my country. In the last 24 hours, that is.
From 2000 to 6000 confirmed cases in under a week. A little over 200 deaths. That's what happens when you live in a densely populated country (370 inhabitants /m2)

God bless you all! ❤️️