Two Huge Shout Outs and Mega Thanks

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Two Huge Shout Outs and Mega Thanks

Post by sniksnak » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:46 pm

I have had a long, drawn-out fight with acute bronchitis and double pneumonia for over eight weeks. I've been on and off the board during the entire time. I ended up being hospitalized with fluid in the lungs for nine full days, going home on the 10th day. I'm still not up to par, but that's to be expected due to my age. Pneumonia and the flu is the 7th killer of the elderly (folk 65+ years old) in the United States ... so my internist and cardiologist have both told me, hence, I'm very thankful to come home to my dogs and cats.

I want to thank our Team for their support, encouragement, fulfilling many, many requests and making this board run very smoothly in my absence. They have been totally awesome.

Many thanks and much, much appreciation to our lead moderator, Caoimhe. Though she works full-time and has a family to care for, she has done a tremendous job here.

Lindsay, who had to step down for an undetermined amount of time from her moderating duties due to her full-time employment's increased and new responsibilities, did more than her fair share in keeping up with requests and issues on the board.

Please, y'all let these terrific ladies know how deeply you appreciate their time and effort spent in locating your requests. Do adhere to the rules and be courteous, as most of you do, to show them how much they are valued here.

Those of you who sent me good wishes and speedy recovery PMs and emails, I have finally caught up in responding to your thoughtfulness. I had so many PMs that my inbox on the board was locked up. I had to respond to many before I could finish downloading them all. Y'all are truly wonderful and caring members. To my fellow Catholic buddies here - mega thanks for the devotionals y'all made on my behalf. I'm truly blessed to have such a warm friendship with y'all.

Thanks to each of you members. I'm eternally grateful for knowing y'all.

Love and huggles to all, Suse
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